Music interview '“ Fizzy Blood: '˜We want to be the band that excites all listeners of music and more'

Fizzy Blood are a five-piece alternative rock outfit born formed in Leeds. After a busy summer of festivals we caught up with drummer Jake Greenway and asked about the world of Fizzy Blood.

Fizzy Blood. Picture: Steven Haddock
Fizzy Blood. Picture: Steven Haddock

“It’s taken us a few years to figure out who we are as a band, as musicians and as people, and this is the happiest we’ve ever been with our music. In the UK music scene it’s easy to get boxed in, we’ve managed to tour with the likes of While She Sleeps and then go straight on to hit the road with Spring King, very different crowds and very different music, however, all this has taught us is that we’re not a metal band and we’re not an indie band, we want to be the band that excites all listeners of music and more. Let’s just say that there are five of us, we have guitars and try to have fun in all our endeavours.

“Pink Magic is our third EP, and what we believe to be the most accurate representation of who we are as a band and where we want to take our music moving forward. We’re happy to present the EPs as a trilogy but I wouldn’t kid anyone and say this was the plan from the start. These three offerings will have to tide you over till we’re finished with what comes next.”

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Tell us a little about the new EP. The lead track Pink Magic is already out on YouTube. What else will we have to look forward to when it is released?

“We released the new single, Strangers, before the EP. It’s probably our collective favourite song, we’ve been sitting on it for a while now as we have never really found the right time to release it. I think it’s a good indication for what to expect in the future.”

The very pink video for Pink Magic is fab. Very unlike the energetic live performances. Is that the longest the band has ever stood still?

“It’s the longest we’ve ever stood still, for sure, it felt really weird playing this song and not moving. To be honest, we were all as bad as each other, when someone throws a hula hoop at your face it’s kind of hard not to move. In the same way, when you see one of you band mates get hit in the face with a hula hoop it’s kind of hard not to laugh. The whole video process was a good laugh and we’re really happy with how it’s turned out.”

We particularly loved the image from the new video that appeared during the World Cup. Have you recovered from all the excitement yet?

“Just about, we all got very involved this time round! Can’t take credit for that image though, that was all my dad and his terrible sense of humour. But you know, credit where credit’s due, Johnny. We may have got knocked out in the semi-finals, but there were loads of festivals, writing new music, all that stuff. It’s been a good summer for us, lots of exciting things going on and waiting to happen, we’re just sitting tight.”

You are scheduled to play the Brudenell Social Club, following on from your appearance earlier this year. Is this becoming a second home for the band?

Leeds is already our second home! It has been for a while. We owe a lot to this place and its people and love playing here, our hometown shows are always the best so if you’re around make sure you’re down at the Brudenell on the 19th of September.

Pink Magic is out September 14th and you can catch Fizzy Blood live at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds on Wednesday September 19 and Boston Music Room, London on Friday September 21.