Music interview '“ Tom Walker: '˜Live at Leeds is so important for the city'

Tom Walker is a name many have tipped for stardom, and with recent figures showing one million sales worldwide, before he even releases his first album, he seems to be proving them right.

Tom Walker will be playing at Live At Leeds.
Tom Walker will be playing at Live At Leeds.

An achievement almost unheard of in today’s market, Walker portrayed a calm response upon hearing the news. “Man, I couldn’t believe it, it was really bizarre to know I had reached that feat, I didn’t really celebrate because I was a little shocked at first, but then went onto have a beer or two after.”

The Mancunian is currently on his European tour, which he mentioned has been his best set of dates yet. “It’s been crazy as every event has been pretty much sold out, plus, in mainland Europe every event has its own personality, so you’re creating something different each time.”

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With Live at Leeds only a few days away, it’s always the first port of call for many festivalgoers. The metropolitan soiree is now reaching the heights it deserves, says the singer: “I think Live at Leeds is so important for the city who have had a hot bed of intimate venues showcasing fresh talent. I think this just amplifies it that bit further. It’s a great for the acts to garner big game experience to full and knowledgeable crowds.”

This will be his third time at the illustrious inner city outing and all memories were pinned on how great the audiences are and how they get right behind their music.

This year will mark the launch of his debut album in autumn, and with his music already getting huge support throughout, I wanted to know if he thought he pressure was mounting. “I always feel as though I want to better myself,” he says, adding: “I don’t feel so pressured right now because I feel as though if I’m not happy with the music I won’t release it, as it is I’m getting great feedback from my peers which is standing me in good stead for the album release.”

Now back on home soil, and gearing up a series of UK shows, Walker will be performing at a some amazing venues throughout the summer, however, he takes time out to tell me he looks on Live at Leeds as a great starting block for his festival season. “It’s a perfect way to kick my festival season off and I’m hoping to get around and see some of the other acts too if I can.”

Tom Walker plays on the Dork Stage at The Church on Saturday May 4, from 3pm. Tickets are still available at