REVIEW: Bouncing among the Treetop in Ripon adventure land

HAVE you ever tried Hopscotch on a trampoline high up among the trees?

Maisie Craven hits the trampoline at Treetop Nets
Maisie Craven hits the trampoline at Treetop Nets

It’s not the most likely of activities but, when you do, the hilarious result makes Bambi look like a ballerina.

It is just one of the many exciting things to do when visiting Treetop Nets near Ripon.

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Trampolines, of course, are de rigueur but this is a different experience entirely.

Henry Craven heads down slide at Treetop Nets

You are suspended up in a tree canopy with more than 2,000 square metres of walkways, slides, giant trampolines and tunnels to explore, not to mention stunning views over North Yorkshire.

Kids - and adults - have two hours to make the most of all the adventure on hand.

Surrounded by 4m high nets, there is no need for ropes or harnesses so everyone is free to run, bounce and slide around the aerial walkways and try out so many different types of fun.

Climb up the vertical ladder into the Crow’s Nest where you are so high that, quite literally, there are real crows flying around in eyeshot.

Maisie Craven looks to find her balance doing Hopscotch up in the trees.

But, as you marvel in the vistas from the top, is that the net swaying in the wind? Or the actual tree itself ...?!

Try balancing on the balls in a giant ball park or grab a sack and head off into one of the four different slides that shoot you down from the trees above.

Suitable for three-year olds and older, it is a wonderfully fun way to get outdoors and burn off some energy.

Just try getting some speed up on those bouncy walkways and feel your calf muscles tighten...

But the simple fun is the best; bouncing next to my five year-old son and seven-year-old daughter just as they are trying to get to their feet never gets boring.

It leaves me chuckling to myself for some time before I finally let them escape to take in some refreshments at the cafe.

It’s just a brief stop, mind. More bouncing to be done.

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