Saw marks and splinters bring sculptures to life

SCULPTOR Jamie Firth will lead a wood carving workshop as part of events surrounding an exhibition of his work at Halifax's Artworks gallery next month.

Artist Jamie Frost with his work. Picture: Georgina Shaw Photography

The Holmfirth-based artist works to bring the tradition of wood carving into a contemporary gallery setting - with the smell, textures and colours of his sculptures making the exhibition a mutli-sensory experience, “where bark, saw marks and energetic splinters contrast with fine craftsmanship”.

The exhibition sees large sculptures, the first of such scale, shown alongside smaller pieces and drawings.

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Mr Firth said: “Wood is a fleshy material and I want the visitor to have a sense of the figures I make, not just see them. In their presence it’s hard, even for me, not to feel something when looking them in the eye. Whilst making I think about the people I draw, the people I’ve known, the person I am. I invite people to identify with these sculptures- an affinity with the material should make that possible.”

Artist Jamie Frost's work. Picture: Georgina Shaw Photography

The exhibition runs from Saturday May 26 to Sunday July 1, with a wood carving workshop on June 8 and artist’s talk on June 13.

Artist Jamie Frost's work. Picture: Georgina Shaw Photography