Car show chance to see Anglia tribute to Grumbleweed’s lost lifelong friend

WHEN comedian Robin Colvill lost his stage partner last year, he found himself at a loss.

The Grumbleweeds Graham Walker (left) and Robin Colvill
The Grumbleweeds Graham Walker (left) and Robin Colvill

He and Graham Walker, who was 69 when cancer claimed his life, had worked together for decades as the founders of Yorkshire-born comedy act The Grumbleweeds.

“We shared our lives together,” said Robin. “It was like a marriage – except we did not fall out.”

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Having met in a coffee bar in Meanwood, Leeds, the pair had worked together for 50 years, spending half that time with three others and for the last decade as a double act – all under the banner of The Grumbleweeds.

Robin Colvill's restored Ford Anglia

It was an echo of that first meeting which finally offered Robin something tangible – in the form of a Ford Anglia – to help him following Graham’s death.

When they first met Robin had an Anglia. A month before Graham died, Robin bought a 1964 Ford Anglia Super and told his friend he had to stay alive to see it restored.

“It was a total wreck – an absolute rust bucket,” said Robin. “You couldn’t drive it.”

Some 900 hours of labour later, the car was returned to its former glory but sadly Graham did not live to see the result,

But the car provided a focus for his friend following his death. “I was working on it day and night,” said Robin, who lives in Tingley, near Wakefield.

Robin’s Ford Super Anglia will be among hundreds of vintage and classic cars on show at The Yorkshire Post Motor Show and Classic Car Rally at Harewood House on Father’s Day, tomorrow.

To book tickets call Harewood House Box Office on 0113 218 1001, 10am-6pm, or book online at