Review: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

LYCEUM THEATRE, SHEFFIELD Here's a pantomime subject that doesn't come around that frequently. Staging Snow White has several logistical problems.

Among them is the fact that the giant Disney corporation has the rights to the music that can be used – and the dwarfs cannot have the same names as those in the classic animation. Technically, there has to be a magic mirror that looks plausible and seven capable performers to fill those small shoes. It cannot be easy getting this show up and running. But somehow, those clever folk in Sheffield have risen above all the potential setbacks, and deliver a show that is slick, delivered at breakneck speed, and full of good humour. And there’s also the biggest of surprises when the mirror starts to deliver its wisdom. Let’s just say that that face and voice are instantly recognisable. And much loved. The lynch-pin of the production is the irrepressibly big, bouncy, beautifully bawdy Damian Williams, a stalwart of the Lyceum for nearly a decade. Here he delivers his interpretation of Nurse Nellie and the outrageous gags come loud and fast. Wendi Peters is a forceful evil Queen, Phil Gallagher a warm-hearted Muddles, Oliver Watton youthful Prince Charming wins over Snow White, a feisty turn from Joanna Sawyer. Full of joie de vivre and brimming over with larks and good fun.

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