YP Letters: Martin Shaw right to take a stand against mobile use in theatres

From: Chris Giddings, Springwood Drive, Copley Lane, Halifax.

Actor Martin Shaw has bemoaned a lack of modern manners in theatres.
Actor Martin Shaw has bemoaned a lack of modern manners in theatres.

I READ (The Yorkshire Post, February 28) that the actor Martin Shaw has been admonishing members of the audience attending his performances of The Best Man in London’s West End.

Shaw’s complaint is mobile phones going off during his performances, and quite right as the interruptions spoil the enjoyment of the play for others and distract the actors.

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This is not a new phenomenon as the lack of simple courtesy in everyday life is now more apparent than ever. Sit on any bus or train, walk through any shopping mall, sit in any café or pub and just look around and you will see people incessantly engaged in the use of the mobile phone. They are seemingly oblivious to all around, including even those they are sitting with.

It is not only the mobile phone that causes annoyance, but also the failure to extend simple courtesies such holding open a door for those following, just barging through life without a thought for others.

As far as the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are concerned, they have almost been erased. I ask myself why standards have fallen so far during the past few years and why people lack general good manners these days. Can anyone provide an answer?