Thousands of soldiers went to fight on the Western Front, and this camera captured what they saw

These remarkable photographs taken by a First World War hero have been revealed 104 years after he took his camera to the battlefields of Ypres.

This is the camera that Captain Robert Bennett, known as Bob, to document life on the front line from October 1914 to January 1915.

Captain Robert Bennett, known as Bob, used his Vest Pocket Kodak to document life on the front line from October 1914 to January 1915. He embarked for France at the very beginning of the conflict aged 25, serving as a machine gunner in 1st Battalion, the Somerset Light Infantry.

Captain Robert Harley Egerton Bennett took this photo of his fellow soldier Captain Bob Bennett outside Somerset House

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Captain Bennett captures this bleak scene of mud at Ploegstreert Wood in Belgium, a section of the Western Front
Captain Bennett carried a small camera in his pocket and captured life on the front. This photo shows Captain Charles Carus Maud's Grave in Ploegsteert Wood, a Military Cemetery in Belgium.
Soldiers trudge through the snow in Belgium during the First World War
Soldiers braving the cold on the Western Front
HQ Mess staff pose for a photo taken by Captain Bennett
Soldiers work with anti-aircraft guns on the front line
This photo shows Compton, Sutton, Doctor, self HQ Dugout near Ypres, which was found in a scrapbook belonging to Captain Robert Harley Egerton Bennett.
Heavy snow on dangerous ground in Belgium