Video: Fashion show on a Sheffield tram

Meadowhall swapped the runway for the tramway to show off its new season collections. Stephanie Smith stepped aboard.


They do things differently in Sheffield. And when it comes to style and popular culture, they have their own take – one that does not involve following London’s lead.

So when thoughts turned to showcasing Meadowhall Shopping Centre’s all-important new autumn/winter trends, the creative and fashion teams didn’t want just any dull old catwalk show. Instead they decided to stage a show aboard one of the city’s Supertrams, surprising morning commuters and shoppers with an exuberant display of High Street meets high art, as models paraded in new season collections topped off with statement headgear.

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Meadowhall’s fashion adviser Bethanie Lunn pulled together the outfits, all key trends for autumn. “There’s one that mixes plaids, check and tartans; one that mixes metallics and opulence, which is very key, especially towards Christmas, so anything with embellishment and studs. Then we’ve got a pretty winter floral, romantic look.


The male model’s outfits are the perfect blend of classic meets contemporary. “I’m trying to show how leather can be cool,” says Bethanie. “So rather than the dreaded leather trousers, I’m showing leather in panels, so you’ve got a smart mac with PU sleeves or a cable-knit sweater with leather panelling, and then touches like hi-tops with studs. It just makes it a bit more modern and a bit for fun for men, because they don’t have as much fun as we do.”

The striking headgear was made by creative hair stylist Chloe Wilson, who cleverly transformed everyday objects and materials, such as plastic boxes, to add dramatic appeal. “The gold headpiece is a gold bowl cut up. It created a little bit more texture. The more ethereal look uses flowers, for a hippy 60s vibe. With the hair, plaits are really popular at the moment – I’m always being asked for six and eight-string plaits.”

Bethanie says: “Of course, we are not all going to walk around with the elaborate shapes on that you see here, because it’s a fashion show, but what the public can do is take inspiration from it, because what Chloe has done is essentially recycle materials, so combine High Street, combine designer and maybe something that you made yourself.”

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