The Yorkshire Post says: Don't give apprentices a bad name. Time to fire Lord Sugar's series?

IT speaks volumes about the state of television that the BBC, in the battle for ratings, is persisting with The Apprentice where Lord Sugar, the veteran entrepreneur, hires and fires recruits.

Lord Sugar with this year's contestants on The Apprentice.
Lord Sugar with this year's contestants on The Apprentice.

For, while the show could be construed as entertainment when first aired in 2005, it has had its day in spite of two Yorkshire candidates – Sian Gabbidon and David Alden – making the cut for this year’s show.

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And the infighting and incompetence – presumably encouraged to make ‘good’ television – does a disservice to all those young people, including three recruits at The Yorkshire Post, who are undertaking apprenticeships. Not only are they receiving on-the-job training, and learning the skills that will be integral to their chosen career in a structured way, but they’re understanding the priceless value of hard graft, team work and respecting colleagues. If only TV’s counterparts could, for once, do the same. It would make a change and encourage other young people to follow suit.