The Yorkshire Post says: Parting is such sweet sorrow as curtain comes down on Rose Theatre

ALL the world's a stage, wrote William Shakespeare, and the truth of that has been joyously demonstrated by the wonderful success of the pop-up Rose Theatre's summer in York.

Macbeth is among the productions that have graced the stage of the Rose Theatre in York.

This innovative and exciting venture has turned a humble car park into a focus for the staging of incomparable drama, bringing the works of Shakespeare to audiences who may not have experienced it before - and certainly not in such a setting.

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They have found to their delight that the play’s the thing, and the Rose has enriched the life of York during its 10-week run.

The Bard himself would surely have approved, because when his plays were new it was in bustling and unlikely locations very like this where he was glad to see them performed.

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Let us hope that as bows are taken and the curtain comes down tomorrow, it signals merely an intermission, and we can look forward to the Rose blossoming once more.