The Yorkshire Post says: A written record. How did Churchill win the war?

IT TAKES a visit to the Churchill War Rooms, deep under Whitehall, to comprehend how Britain's decision-making apparatus was so rudimentary when the Second World War was being fought.

Some of Winston Churchill's previously unseen war documents are being published by the Imperial War Museum.

This is further illustrated by a compelling new book, The War on Paper, which reveals 20 priceless documents which defined the conflict – and helped to save this country from Nazi tyranny.

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Published by the Imperial War Museum, it includes the hastily scribbled “diagrammatic lay out of embarkation” by Captain Ken Theobald of the 5th Battalion Royal West Kent Regiment, and which was used by the British Expeditionary Force to flee from Dunkirk in 1940. To think such a heroic rescue mission was sketched out on paper – and then implemented – shows, once again, the desperate peril that the country faced, the galvanising leadership of Winston Churchill and the importance of preserving all those documents which genuinely changed the course of history.

A diagram plotting the Dunkirk evacuation.