You CAN wear a jumpsuit! So go on and take the leap

The jumpsuit is proving the surprise hit for the summer. Stephanie Smith has tips on how to find one and make sure you wear it well.

Geo-print jumpsuit, £16; sandals, £6. In store now and online at Matalan. Below from Biba at House of Fraser and Miss Selfridge.
Geo-print jumpsuit, £16; sandals, £6. In store now and online at Matalan. Below from Biba at House of Fraser and Miss Selfridge.

It takes confidence to wear a jumpsuit – confidence in your body, your fashion judgment and your ability to pull off a statement garment with style.

Some men don’t like them, in much the same way that they don’t like women in dungarees, what with them being disconcertingly masculine, workman-like attire that tells them that, actually, women don’t always wear what they think men will approve of and admire. Do not be discouraged. Ignore any anti-jumpsuit protestors and remind them that, back in the day, men didn’t like to see women wearing any kind of trousers at all, fearing it as a sign that the little ladies would want to engage in all sorts of outrageous and masculine activities like riding horses properly and running fast, and all without the merest glimpse of an ankle, the spoilsports.

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This season, jumpsuits and all-in-ones cross all the summer seasonal trends, from white minimalist to global boho traveller to sporty.

YP LIFE AND STYLE JUN 18 SUGGEST FRONT COVER Black lace panel jumpsuit, £125; Jewel waist belt, £60. Both Biba, coming soon to House of Fraser.

It helps if you think first of styles that suit you, in terms of shape of dress, trousers and top, and then try on jumpsuits that reflect your preferences.

A loose-fitting, belted shirt style in a silk or silk jersey is a good place to start, as these can highlight the waist while draping in a flattering manner over hips and bust.

Strapless styles can be harder to pull off, but are handy for holidays and there are ones you can buy as cover-ups, to go over your swimwear at the pool and on the beach, and then they double up for night-time with heels, jewels and a handy pashmina (I don’t care what anyone says, I refuse to give up pashminas, at least when I’m out of the country).

True, jumpsuits and all in-ones are not convenient for all situations. Not, for example, for certain festivals and camping expeditions where facilities might be so inadequate that you are forced in improvise in nearby shrubbery or woodland.

YP LIFE AND STYLE JUN 18 FASHION - JUMPSUITS main image on left Swirl print jumpsuit, £39, in store now at Miss Selfridge.

But jumpsuits are continuing into the autumn/winter, which makes them a great investment right now, although not summery prints, so look out for plain black and jewel-bright colours that will dress up with heels and necklaces and a metallic belt. And go for it. Once you discover jumpsuits, you’ll never go back.

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