YP Letters: Calming influence of Andre Rieu's orchestra

From: David Quarrie, Holgate, York.

Andre Rieu.
Andre Rieu.

Very regrettably, 2019 seems to be starting off with so many disputes, wars, disagreements, famine, divisions and anger which politicians and others appear incapable of solving.

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One has only to look at Republicans versus Democrats in the US, the EU verses the
UK, Russia versus Ukraine, 
Saudi Arabia versus Yemen, unions versus the private rail companies and many, many more.

But there is a way tensions might be calmed. The amazing Dutch violinist and conductor of the Johann Strauss Orchestra, Andre Rieu, has for 31 years led his wonderful band all over the world.

His orchestra contains folk from 13 different countries. There is never a row, no in-fighting, all successfully based on fun. Wherever his orchestra plays, everyone is full of happiness, goodwill, caring and love of their fellow man. After two or more hours of playing, there is hardly a dry eye in the audience. His music appeals to everyone. So, if his orchestra was booked for a two-hour session before all future “disputes and meetings”, the overall air would be calmer, far more pleasant and a “nice” outcome much more likely. Everything else seems to be failing right now – so why not give this a try?