YP Letters: Music is a necessity in school and all our lives

From: Nan Preston, Seaton Ross.

Members of Foxhill Primary School's brass band.
Members of Foxhill Primary School's brass band.

AT the age of 94, I say music must not be taken out of the school curriculum (The Yorkshire Post, October 13).

Music is an absolute necessity from the cradle, when lullabies and nursery rhymes are sung, through school for happiness among the other boring subjects, to adulthood.

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At the loss of my mother, music in the form of organ playing was an absolute solace 
to me and was even more so when my husband died 15 years ago.

Without music lessons, would shows like Strictly Come Dancing be so popular?

Now we are told that it is beneficial to sufferers of Alzheimer’s etc.

Besides all this, how dull would baptisms, weddings and funerals be without music? Would Strictly Come Dancing on a Saturday evening, or any nightclub, be the same without music?

I praise the headteacher 
Sally Hey, of Foxhill Primary School in Queensbury, 
Bradford, for putting her views so plainly.

Having been a teacher for 40 years, I agree wholeheartedly with her.

Yes, we must give greater support to music education and arts in our schools.