YP Letters: Time to ditch loud music at public places and sporting events

From: Brian H Sheridan, Lodge Moor, Sheffield.

Should there be music during T20 cricket matches?

THOUGH I have no talent whatsoever for it, I stoop to nobody as a music lover.

I have an eclectic taste ranging from rock to chamber music.

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However, I know I am not alone in hating having it foisted on me.

Why does it have to be inescapable in public places?

I first noticed my aversion at an ice hockey match, where the frequent pauses in play are filled with loud music.

This has now been extended to cricket (between overs and wickets), tennis (at every change-over) and many other sports – football has so far been spared, though I dread the day when players have to wait for the 
music to subside before taking corners, goal-kicks etc.

Half-time entertainment 
is fine, in fact I loved the 
brass bands that played at 
early post-war matches.

At a recent T20 cricket 
match the music was “enhanced” by the appearance of scantily-clad cheerleaders. Heavens above.

As for the High Street, I love to hear buskers and sometimes pause to listen; that is my choice, but I don’t go into a departmental store to be greeted by the piped music of Black Lace or even Mozart.

I might go in to buy their records though.