YP Letters: Why continue to use the phrase '˜booking fee'?

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

Some weeks back you published my letter, seething about a 93p ‘booking fee’ which Leeds Town Hall had slipped on to my debit card. Today, their 2018 Guide arrived and, in heavy print, it states that “All prices... are inclusive of booking fees”. The power of the press plus ‘Disgusteds’ of Tunbridge Wells perhaps? I hope so; though why LTH and others continue to use the tiresome phrase in any form still flummoxes me.

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

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I’M sure no one will disagree that Leeds Council is totally incompetent at spending any 
of its funds in a sensible 
manner. We would like to see improvements in schools, care for the elderly, public transport to reduce the city’s pollution levels to name but a few of the pressing problems in Yorkshire. What are these councillors doing for their money?

From: JKM Krawiec, Station Road, North Thoresby.

YOUR articles on unspent Section 106 monies (The Yorkshire Post, December 28) were missing a fundamental point.

The monies raised are ”capital” and thus can only be spent on specific projects.