Read Sheffield Council's secret contract policy for felling trees in full

Sheffield Council's long secret contractual policy for the felling of thousands of trees in the city has been made public for the first time today.

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Councillor Bryan Lodge was among the Sheffield Council officials to insist felling is only done as a last resort.

Sheffield Council challenged to prove 'last resort' claims on tree-felling after contract revelation

Sheffield City Council has been challenged to prove its repeated claims that tree-felling in the city is only done as a “last resort” after it was revealed the previously-secret policy for replacing them contains no such guarantee.

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Tree-felling work in the city is currently on hold but earlier this year dozens of police officers were sent out to support operations.

Sheffield Council's secret policy for tree-felling revealed

Sheffield Council’s secret contract for the controversial felling of thousands of street trees focuses on minimising maintenance costs while containing no mention of removals only happening as a “last resort” as the authority has repeatedly claimed in the past, The Yorkshire Post can reveal.

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Lewis Dagnall is in charge of overseeing the Streets Ahead project

New Sheffield trees political boss promises 'compromise' with campaigners

The new politician in charge of Sheffield's contentious tree-felling programme has says he hopes to find a "compromise" with campaigners on the issue.

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Bryan Lodge has resigned his role of overseeing the Streets Ahead contract.

'Fresh start' hope after Sheffield tree-felling council boss quits post

Campaigners have called for a change in approach to Sheffield's hugely controversial tree-felling programme after the politician in charge of the project resigned days after local election results saw the city’s ruling Labour party lose seats in areas most affected by the policy.
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Academics in Huddersfield have created the world's most extensive collection of rare Ted Hughes books.

How £12,000 purchase has helped academics in Huddersfield assemble world’s most extensive Ted Hughes collection

Academics in Huddersfield have assembled the world’s most extensive collection of rare Ted Hughes poems after buying a handwritten volume for £11,000. Chris Burn reports.

Diane Timms says she is angry at how police have handled the attack on her son Lawrence Vincent

Police say sorry to victim's mum for 'investigative failings' that helped violent gang evade justice

South Yorkshire Police has apologised to the mother of a vulnerable crime victim for “investigative failings” relating to a brutal gang attack in which he was dragged from the street, beaten, kicked, hit with a brick and robbed.

Diane Timms is fighting for justice after an attack on her son in Doncaster in January 2017

Mother of robbery victim exposes police’s missed opportunities to bring violent gang to justice

The mother of a victim of a brutal gang attack and robbery has compiled evidence of apparent police failures which has allowed the offenders to evade justice. Chris Burn reports.

Diane Timms has complained about the police investigation into the attack on her son Lawrence Vincent

South Yorkshire Police officers under internal investigation for handling of street gang robbery case

Three South Yorkshire Police officers are under internal investigation over concerns about the handling of a case involving a gang attack and street robbery in Doncaster that left a vulnerable victim with serious injuries.

Paul Brooke (centre) made the claim during a press conference in Sheffield.

Sheffield Council accused of 'fabrication' of tree strategy cited in court case

A leading tree campaigner has accused Sheffield Council of the “fabrication” of a strategy document cited in a court decision to rule out a judicial review of felling operations in the city.
Paul Brooke, centre, gave details of a potential legal challenge to the council's Streets Ahead contract at Friday's press conference.

Sheffield tree campaigners seek new legal challenge to council contract

Tree campaigners are getting legal advice on whether a judicial review can be sought in relation to ending the Streets Ahead contract, it has been revealed.

Police in riot helmets arrested one tree protester who had been crouched under a partially-raised truck. Pic: Scott Merrylees

Police spent £47,000 on overtime for Sheffield tree-felling operations in one month

South Yorkshire Police has revealed it spent £47,000 on overtime in just one month as it sent dozens of extra officers to tree-felling operations in Sheffield - as the only protester to be charged so far during that time said the case against him had been dropped.

Sheffield Council keeps tree-felling policy secret - claiming move is for the 'greater good'

Sheffield Council has ruled it is in the “greater good” to keep its official policy for the controversial felling of thousands of the city’s street trees secret.

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Despite his differences with the EU, Yanis Varoufakis campaigned for Britain to remain in 2016.

Why Yanis Varoufakis believes Britain should have stayed in the 'absolutely awful' EU

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis thinks the EU is ‘absolutely awful’ – but Jeremy Corbyn’s ally hopes to reform it through a new mass movement. Chris Burn reports.

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Yanis Varoufakis was in Yorkshire this week.

Yanis Varoufakis warns UK is heading for 'dog's Brexit'

Britain is heading for a “dog’s Brexit” in which it will end up “with the worst of all worlds”, former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has claimed.
There has been widespread opposition to the so-called 'M18 route' for HS2 in South Yorkshire - and there are now growing doubts over whether a parkway station will be built in the area.

Is £300m Yorkshire HS2 parkway station about to hit the buffers?

People living in South and West Yorkshire were offered a potential £300m HS2 station to make up for the route being diverted through their neighbourhoods. But will it actually happen? Chris Burn reports.
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MP John Healey says HS2 should release its feasibility study into a potential South Yorkshire parkway station.

HS2 'plain wrong' to keep £300m Yorkshire parkway station report secret

HS2 has refused to publish an internal report on whether plans to build a £300m parkway station in the Yorkshire countryside is feasible.
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There have been growing protests against tree-felling in Sheffield.

International Sheffield tree campaign group set up after global donations made to protesters

An international group of supporters of the campaign to stop the felling of thousands of Sheffield street trees is being set up - after donations from across the world helped meet legal costs facing two protesters.

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The Government is looking to ban letting agent fees

Landlords face losing millions as Government homes in on letting agent fee ban

Landlords and letting agents are set to lose out on millions through a crackdown on rental fees. But will tenants actually benefit – and can the new laws be properly enforced? Chris Burn reports.


Police drop witness intimidation case against Sheffield tree protester, 73, over 'insufficient evidence'

A retired 73-year-old fireman arrested at a Sheffield tree-felling protest on suspicion of witness intimidation has seen the case against him dropped over “insufficient evidence”.
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