Lord Hawke: Led Yorkshire to victory.

Bygones: Lord Hawke the star the last time Yorkshire played in York!

“AT noon today will be commenced at York an event which will figure prominently in the annals of York cricket. By the energy and enterprise of the management of the York Gentlemen’s Club, the representatives of the broad shire will be opposed to an eleven selected by the county of Kent, and the issue will be fought out on the Gentlemen’s Ground, Bootham Stray, on this and two succeeding days. The local committee has put forth every endeavour to make the important fixture an undoubted success, and it is to be hoped that the members and all lovers of cricket in the county will rally round the promoters and give them such encouragement as to warrant them in trying to bring about equally attractive engagements in future. Wickets will be pitched at 12 o’clock today, and on Tuesday and Wednesday operations will be commenced at 11.30am.”

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