York’s own tapestry goes to Bayeux in art swap

IT is a Yorkshire entente cordiale that perfectly compliments President Macron’s offer to loan the 950 year-old Bayeux Tapestry to Britain.

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Four of the Army Air Corps' last remaining Lynx Mk9 helicopters from 657 Squadron take off from RAF Odiham in Hampshire as they begin a commemorative tour to mark the helicopter's decommissioning from Army service.

Final flypast as Army cuts Lynx with the past

It was the most British of military helicopters – designed and built by a firm that could trace its origins back to the airship era. Even in retirement it was still being put to use in the traditionally English pursuit of caravanning.

Harry Way surrounded by 500 packets of crisps, biscuits and fizzy drinks, as a report says that teenagers who watch lots of TV with adverts are more likely to eat junk food, suggesting a "strong association between advertisements and eating habits."

Unhealthy diet of TV adverts is linked to obesity

THE link between television advertising and lifestyle choices is further underlined by the publication today of research indicating that teenagers fond of watching programmes with commercials are more likely to eat junk food.

Haggling may get you a cheaper and faster broadband deal

Has your broadband firm caught you in a loyalty trap?

IF YOU think you’re with the cheapest broadband provider - or energy firm, for that matter - because you’ve checked the current prices on its website over a cup of tea, you might have been taken for a mug.

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Charlotte Hall, collections and outreach officer at the Peace Museum in Bradford, at the museum's exhibition marking the 60th anniversary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

After 60 years, CND is back where it started... in Bradford

Sixty years after it began, with a polemic by JB Priestley, the nuclear disarmament movement came full circle to Bradford last night.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove holds a reusable coffee cup as he arrives in Downing Street

David Behrens: Why does this tree plan have to cost the taxpayer a packet?

BRITAIN, we learned this week, is seeing a dramatic reduction in smoking. It is a welcome statistic yet it worries me on one level. With fewer fag packets knocking around, what now will the Government do its arithmetic on the back of?

Helen Pratt, assistant community curator at Temple Neewsam House, where England's first tea may have been taken.

Rediscovered shopping list reveals the first cuppa was served in Leeds, a decade before anyone thought

IT MAY have been the first time anyone in England put the kettle on for a brew-up.

Inside the National Railway Museum, in York

Head of steam gathers for York rail museum expansion

The journey from Flying Scotsman to the Hitachi Azuma has taken the railway industry 95 years – but passengers may soon be able to do it in less time than it takes to walk to the buffet car.

Murals and painted ceilings in the Little Castle at Bolsover Castle. Picture: Scott Merrylees

Aristocrat who really wanted to be a royal comedian

No-one knows who painted the 17th century artwork that spans the walls of the “little castle” on the fringes of South Yorkshire. But researchers believe they have discovered at last why it was put there.

Joanna Lumley attending the EE British Academy Film Awards nominations announcement

Miss Lumley and a creature from the deep sweep Baftas

A DARK fantasy about a mute laboratory worker who falls in love with a captured amphibian creature has dominated the nominations for next month’s Bafta Film Awards, which were unveiled yesterday alongside the ceremony’s new host, Joanna Lumley.

Laura Dern, from left, Nicole Kidman, Zoe Kravitz, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley pose in the press room with the award for best television limited series or motion picture made for television for "Big Little Lies" at the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

Black is the colour as reality show hits Hollywood

The drama Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, by the British-Irish playwright Martin McDonagh, was named best motion picture at the Golden Globes, with its star, Frances McDormand named best actress in the category.

YouTuber Jack Maynard was one of the contestants for I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here.

David Behrens: Too old to be a YouTube sensation, but it’s paying off for some

LIKE most of us, I have spent my adult life searching for a way to weave money from old rope; a scheme that would make me really rich, really fast. I can now report that I have found the nearest thing.

The cost of calling 118 numbers varies hugely

How much does it cost to call directory enquiries? £5, £7, or more?

It’s technically too late to make a new year’s resolution, but if you carry one thing with you through 2018, make it this: never call directory enquiries.

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Karl and Paul Barraclough who run the Motor Sport Services Unit.  Picture: Bruce Rollinson

Clocking 50 years of first aid in the (very) fast lane

IT was the year in which the world motor racing champion Jim Clark lost his life in a 172mph crash at Hockenheim in Germany.

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Josh O'Connor (left) as Johnny Saxby and Alec Secareanu as Gheorghe Ionescu in God's Own Country

Baftas: Breath of Yorkshire air blows through film world

With a few big names now persona non grata, this year’s film awards season will be an opportunity to sweep the stage clean, the chief executive of Bafta suggested yesterday, as she revealed that one of the new brooms had come fresh from a Yorkshire sheep farm.

Chris Packham, author of Fingers In The Sparkle Jar

Centuries of wildlife captured between the covers

In an era before David Attenborough or even Kenneth Grahame, a modest and chaste parson began Britain’s love affair with the natural world.


Let there be light, as last ‘jigsaw’ piece restored to York Minster

THE last piece was popped into place today in a medieval, 311-piece jigsaw puzzle that has taken more than 10 years to complete.

The Bean app analyses transactions from your accounts at different banks

Why these banking apps will be the first big thing of 2018

ESPECIALLY in a world of Brexit and President Trump, predicting what lies ahead in the next 12 months is a fool’s own errand, even in the slightly less volatile world of consumer technology. But it’s a reasonably safe bet that we will be hearing a lot more in 2018 of something called Open Banking.

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David Behrens: OMG! Why I resolve that Facebook has GTG in the New Year

I HAVE resolved to communicate more decisively in the New Year.

Carrie Fisher as Princes Leia and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in Star Wars

May the fortieth be with you, Luke

IT WAS in a galaxy far away and a very long time ago that a full seven months could elapse bet­ween a film’s release in its native America and its arrival here.

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