Premier League transfers and World Cup LIVE: Huddersfield bid for Belgian, England reaction and France star's Liverpool move 'back on'

Follow our new live blog as we keep you updated with all the latest news, views, transfers, rumours and much more from across the Premier League - including the latest moves at Huddersfield Town.
Huddersfield Town

Premier League transfers and World Cup LIVE: England build-up | Newcastle miss out on defender | France star linked with Liverpool

Follow our new live blog as we keep you updated with all the latest news, views, transfers, rumours and much more from across the Premier League.
Huddersfield Town

Britain’s Most Wanted list: sexual crimes

These are the people most wanted by police forces in the UK in relation to alleged sexual offences.


Revealed: Harrogate companies ranked by the gender pay gap

Companies in Harrogate with more than 250 employees have revealed the difference in pay between men and women, following last night’s deadline.


In pictures: your photos of the Super Blue Blood Moon

An extremely rare lunar event called the “super blue blood Moon” has dazzled astronomers and skywatchers around the world.

Is your glass half full or half empty?

Half of adults are ‘glass half full’

Half of British adults say they always look on the bright side of life and describe themselves as 'glass half full', according to a study.

Dimpley dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers recalled due to fire risk

A range of portable dehumidifiers have been recalled due to a risk that they catch fire.

Have you 'made it' in your career?

These are the signs you are doing well at work

Being able to work from home, no-one batting an eyelid when you take an afternoon off to watch your kids sports day - and having a beer with colleagues after work, have emerged among a list of signs you've 'made it' in your career.

Around two fifths of all women over 50 will suffer a major fractures caused by brittle bones during the remainder of their lifetimes

Calcium and Vitamin D supplements do not protect against fractures

Taking calcium and vitamin D supplements does not reduce the risk of hip fractures and other broken bones in the elderly with brittle bones, a study found.

Dubbed 'modern virtue names', monikers rising in popularity include Felicity, meaning good fortune and happiness, and Verity which stands for truth and honesty.

Parents turn to baby names like Faith and Hope to get them through uncertain times

Parents are turning to virtuous baby names such as Faith and Hope to boost their moods during turbulent and uncertain times, a study has found.

Morrisons has a plan to tackle the Christmas Eve shopping shutdown.

Are you ready for the Christmas Eve shopping shutdown? Morrisons may be on hand to help

Morrisons is stepping in to help families who face an early Christmas Eve shopping shutdown because of Sunday trading rules.

Do you love the Greggs Festive Bake enough to want one of these?

Greggs has bottled its festive bake flavour

Greggs customers can now enjoy the taste of Christmas all year round after the business bottled its festive bake flavour.

'Ring of steel' as armed police and anti-terror barriers at Christmas markets including Leeds

This footage shows the "rings of steel" protecting Britain's Christmas markets this year as security is bolstered amid fears of Berlin-style copycat terror attacks.

Watch the banned Royal Mail TV ad deemed ‘too scary’ to be aired during Coronation Street

The “excessively threatening and distressing” video seen on Twitter showed a gang of men in balaclavas armed with baseball bats enter a bank shouting: “This is a robbery”.

Have you got one of these 50p coins somewhere? They could be worth more than you might think.

Check your loose change - you could have a 50p worth hundreds in your pocket

Check your pockets, piggy-banks and down the back of the couch now, folks.
Seven new restaurants and bars opening in Leeds for winter

Seven new restaurants and bars opening in Leeds for winter

‘Tis the season for over-indulging, and with a host of new restaurants and bars opening in Leeds in the coming months, there are plenty of places to spoil yourself rotten.
Lidl have advised anyone having purchased the items to return them to the store from where they were bought for a full refund.

Lidl recalls snacks over allergy fears

Lidl is recalling three varieties of its Alesto Snacking Pockets because the labelling is not in English.

There are a number of myths about email

Five myths about email at work and how to cope with communications overload

Email is integral to the way that many of us work. Yet there is no universally accepted standard for its use, which leaves many of us struggling to find strategies that will help us work effectively without also overstressing or causing email fatigue.

The festive period is nearly upon us

When should you put your Christmas tree and decorations up?

For many Christmas loving Brits it’s time to start considering when the Christmas decorations will go up, but when is the correct time to start the festivities?
Teens who smoke e-cigs are likely to end up on fags.

Teens who smoke e-cigs are more likely to take up fags, report reveals

Teenagers who smoke e-cigarettes are more likely to take up smoking tobacco in later life, new research has warned.

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