Isaac Mourier: Faltering Leeds Force’s team spirit will be key to locking up Sharks

Leeds Force underestimated just how tough an opponent Manchester would prove to be last week – the Giants have a strong roster and showed a fantastic team spirit that we just couldn’t match.

Isaac Mourier. PIC: Alex Daniels

Isaac Mourier: Leeds Force failing to follow coach’s matchday instructions

Leeds Force are gradually becoming a better team, but I don’t think we should’ve been targeting anything other than a win last week against Worcester Wolves – they didn’t play very well and we ‘beat ourselves’.

Respected Leeds Force coach, Danny Nelson. PIC: Bruce Rollinson

Isaac Mourier: We must get our ‘minds right’ from the outset

Leeds Force’s difficult start was key to our loss against London Lions last week – if you find yourself 17 points behind right out of the gates, it’s always going to be an uphill battle.

Isaac Mourier (Picture: Brendan Chadwick Photography)

Isaac Mourier: Leeds Force stars need to be accountable for their actions

We travelled up to Glasgow last week to represent Leeds Force in the right way, no matter the circumstances.

New YEP columnist Isaac Mourier in action against Bristol Flyers on Sunday. (Pictures: Brendan Chadwick Photography)

Isaac Mourier: Times they are a changing but Leeds Force stay strong

Leeds Force have definitely made strides forward in the last few weeks – we had a new lease of life against Bristol last week, and found that togetherness we’ve desperately been searching for as a team.

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