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The millions of potholes which scar our towns, cities and countryside are a growing problem that need an urgent solution. (PA).

Jayne Dowle: Potholes bring misery to drivers - something must be done about them

What would you rather have – a high speed train to London from Yorkshire or roads safe to drive or ride on? It’s a conundrum perturbing not only your average motorist and cyclist, but MPs, who are questioning whether some of the £42bn earmarked for HS2 should be raided to pay for urgent repairs to the millions of potholes which scar our towns, cities and countryside.

Loneliness can affect people of all ages. (PA).

Jayne Dowle: Home truths on ending the scourge of loneliness

Long after this winter’s flu outbreak has subsided, another epidemic will continue to blight millions of lives. Loneliness, which one study found to be as harmful to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, is the nation’s hidden disease. It’s partly because loneliness is a difficult condition to quantify; one person’s proud self-sufficiency is another’s silent cry for help.

WORKING SOLUTION: In an age of ever-increasing technology and automation, our young people must be given hope that there is light at the end of the jobs tunnel.

Jayne Dowle: UK needs proper jobs if it is to be a hive of industry

I’m wondering if my daughter might be part of the Government’s new Industrial Strategy, which is launched today. Theresa May’s commitment to creating a new way of doing business in the UK has been much heralded, but most of us are still unsure about how it is going to affect our own lives and future generations.

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The Shimmer Estate in Mexborough which is to be demolished to make way for HS2. (Picture Scott Merrylees).

Jayne Dowle: HS2 on wrong track if it fails to spread the benefit

Am I the only one missing a connection? In all the arguments I’ve had on the subject of HS2, the major plus-point I’ve accepted is that we would end up with a new station here in South Yorkshire to whizz us directly to London in super-fast time. And of course, to whizz London directly to us, so that we can all enjoy mutual economic, employment, social and cultural opportunities.

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