Ellen McLeod at The Poetry Business. Picture: Chris Etchells

How readers saved The Poetry Business in Sheffield

"I'm always surprised when people don't know we're here," says Ellen McLeod, manager and co-director of The Poetry Business which – challenging the idea that the UK's literary industry must be based in the capital – operates from an office on smart Campo Lane in Sheffield city centre, just behind the Anglican cathedral.
Stan Skinny and Teah Lewis, who are organising 'Sheffield Does 69 Love Songs' at DINA on Cambridge Street later this month. Picture: Scott Merrylees

Sheffield Does 69 Love Songs: Musicians to play classic album in full

"I suppose I just wanted to do something pretty epic and a bit different," says the poet and comedian Stan Skinny who, along with fellow songwriter Teah Lewis, has taken on an enormous task - staging a concert in Sheffield that involves playing, live and acoustically, every single track from The Magnetic Fields' classic album 69 Love Songs, all in one go.
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