Why Annabel Scoley is the one to watch in British acting

After 10 years honing her skill on the stage, Annabel Scholey is showing what’s she’s made of on the small screen. The Wakefield actress talks to Sarah Freeman.

Steven Miller (Davy) and Paul-James Corrigan (Ally) in Sunshine on Leith.

Review: Sunshine on Leith, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds

There were more than a few moments during Sunshine on Leith when I came close to vaulting over the people in front, grabbing a guitar and elbowing a few cast members out of the way. It’s infectious, joyous and full of heart, it was an inspired choice by artistic director James Brining to revive the hit he had in Dundee as his last big show before the Playhouse closes for a major redevelopment.

Kate Bush, whose single Wuthering Heights went to number one in 1978, is to create a new work of art in honour of Emily Bronte.

Kate Bush revisits Wuthering Heights to create new work of art in memory of Emily Bronte

It was in 1978 when Kate Bush appeared in that video, wearing that white dress as she sang for the first time Wuthering Heights. Now 40 years on, the singer is once again channelling the spirit of Top Withens to create a brand new work of art in honour of Emily Bronte.

Ian Theasby and  Henry Firth, the Yorkshire friends behind Bosh Boys. COVER SHOT

BOSH! Boys: The two Sheffield friends behind the meat-free revolution

With more and more people embracing a plant-based diet, Sarah Freeman meets the two Yorkshire friends, aka BOSH! Boys, hoping to start a meat-free revolution.


The Leeds artist so allergic to the materials he uses, he has been hospitalised twice

He is severely allergic to the paint he uses, but David Rusbatch tells Sarah Freeman that the end result is worth the occasional trips to A&E. Pictures by Tony Johnson.

Author Benjamin Myers.

The Yorkshire author now vying for historical fiction’s most prestigious prize

He may be represented by the smallest publisher on the shortlist, but author Benjamin Myers is now vying for one of literature’s biggest - and most prestigious - prizes. Based in the Upper Calder Valley, Mr Myers’ The Gallows Pole has been nominated for this year’s £25,000 Walter Scott Prize, set up to celebrate the best in historical fiction.

Top Of The Shop with  Alison Swan Parente, Tom Kerridge, Nisha Katona.  Photographer: Andrew Hayes-Watkins

Meet the former child psychotherapist who landed a job fronting a new food show with Tom Kerridge

In 2009, she started the School of Artisan Food. Now Alison Swan Parente tells Sarah Freeman how she found herself in a North Yorkshire farm shop, fronting a new television show with Tom Kerridge.

Charlotte Hall, curator of The Peace Museum with drawings made by Jill Gibbon. Picture by Steve Riding.

The Yorkshire artist who spent 10 years going undercover at arms fairs

Having spent 10 years going undercover at arms fairs, Jill Gibbon tells Sarah Freeman why she is on a mission to expose and industry which trivalises the business of war.

Tracey Emin unveils her 20-metre-long work, I Want My Time With You, 2018. Picture John Stillwell/PA Wire.

Why you don’t have to agree with the sentiment to admire Tracey Emin’s I Want My Time With You

It might be unashamedly anti-Brexit, but if Tracey Emin’s I Want My Time With You provokes a debate, we might all benefit says Sarah Freeman.


The Yorkshire artists using ancient recipes and rare pigments to make their own paints

Sarah Freeman meets the Yorkshire artists who, frustrated by cheap acrylic paints, decided to make their own using rare pigments, ancient recipes and the latest scientific thinking. Pictures by Tony Johnson.

James Cundall, chief exective, of Lunchbox Theatre Production Limited, with two members of the York Waits, on the York Bar Walls.

Countdown to the opening of Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre in York

With work under way on Europe’s first ever pop-up Shakespearean theatre, Sarah Freeman catches up with the team behind the landmark project.

Luke Dickson as Brian Clough in The Damned United.

Review: The Damned United, West Yorkshire Playhouse

The story of Brian Clough’s infamous 44 days in charge of Leeds United in 1974 had a large cast of characters. Aside from Big ’Ead himself, there were 11 players, the backroom staff, the ghost of former manager Don Revie and Clough’s own demons. Red Ladder’s production, based on David Peace’s book of the same name, has just three.

Lisa Samson, author of Epitaph of the Ash.

Lisa Samson on surviving a brain tumour while writing new book Epitaph for the Ash

Her uncle wrote the landmark nature book Epitaph for the Elm.

Sir Tony Robinson inside York Minster.

Sir Tony Robinson: Why York Minster and Britain’s other great cathedrals are right to charge an entrance fee

Time Team made Sir Tony Robinson an expert in what lies beneath the ground. Now, he tells Sarah Freeman why he is turning his attention to some of the country’s most iconic landmarks.


Inside the dictionary where all the words are from Yorkshire

From chincough to quissing, Alexandra Medcalf tells Sarah Freeman why she is hard at work trawling the archives to compile a new dictionary of Yorkshire dialect.


Artist Richie Culver on why his work celebrates the working classes

He takes his inspiration from the pigeon fanciers and bookmakers he knew while drawing the dole in East Yorkshire. Sarah Freeman meets artist Richie Culver.

Debbie Wild  who is brewing the new non-alcohlic drink  Kinoko Kombucho at Rudgate Brewery inTockwith. Picture by Gary Longbottom.

Could Yorkshire kombucha be this year’s answer to coconut water?

Having stepped out of the classroom, former science teacher Debbie Wild tells Sarah Freeman why she is now mastering the art of brewing an ancient Chinese drink.

Mr Cherry Keaton and Pat, sweeping hay with a Swaledale-type sweep.

What life really used to be like in Yorkshire Dales

As Life and Tradition in the Yorkshire Dales is republished to mark its 50th anniversary, Sarah Freeman celebrates the formidable double act who captured fast-disappearing customs in all their glory.

The cast of Chip Shop Chips.

From pubs to allotments - the unusual spaces providing the backdrop to some of Yorkshire’s most interesting theatre

Forget booking a seat in the stalls, some of the country’s most interesting theatre is to be found in the back room of pubs, clubs and even the odd allotment. Sarah Freeman reports.


How one Robin Hood’s Bay firm is knitting a future in heritage fishing jumpers

They are part of Yorkshire’s fishing heritage. Now Sarah Freeman finds out how the humble gansey is fueling a new business on the coast. Pictures by Ceri Oakes.

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