Lisa Samson on suriving a brain tumour while writing new book Epitaph for the Ash

Her uncle wrote the landmark nature book Epitaph for the Elm. Now Lisa Samson tells Sarah Freeman how her tribute to the ash tree also became a chronicle of her own battle with ill health.


Artist Richie Culver on why his work celebrates the working classes

He takes his inspiration from the pigeon fanciers and bookmakers he knew while drawing the dole in East Yorkshire. Sarah Freeman meets artist Richie Culver.

Debbie Wild  who is brewing the new non-alcohlic drink  Kinoko Kombucho at Rudgate Brewery inTockwith. Picture by Gary Longbottom.

Could Yorkshire kombucha be this year’s answer to coconut water?

Having stepped out of the classroom, former science teacher Debbie Wild tells Sarah Freeman why she is now mastering the art of brewing an ancient Chinese drink.

Mr Cherry Keaton and Pat, sweeping hay with a Swaledale-type sweep.

What life really used to be like in Yorkshire Dales

As Life and Tradition in the Yorkshire Dales is republished to mark its 50th anniversary, Sarah Freeman celebrates the formidable double act who captured fast-disappearing customs in all their glory.

The cast of Chip Shop Chips.

From pubs to allotments - the unusual spaces providing the backdrop to some of Yorkshire’s most interesting theatre

Forget booking a seat in the stalls, some of the country’s most interesting theatre is to be found in the back room of pubs, clubs and even the odd allotment. Sarah Freeman reports.


How one Robin Hood’s Bay firm is knitting a future in heritage fishing jumpers

They are part of Yorkshire’s fishing heritage. Now Sarah Freeman finds out how the humble gansey is fueling a new business on the coast. Pictures by Ceri Oakes.

Dreda Blow as Jane Eyre in Northern Ballet's production of the classic novel. Photo Emma Kauldhar.

Review: Northern Ballet’s Jane Eyre

There are 183,858 words in the novel Jane Eyre (I didn’t count them, a Brontë superfan did the hard work). There isn’t one in Northern Ballet’s version, but every nuanced detail of the original is there.

Dedra Blow in Northern Ballet's Jane Eyre, a ballet by Cathy Marston. Photo Emma Kauldhar.

Review: Northern Ballet’s Jane Eyre

There are 183,858 words in the novel Jane Eyre (I didn’t count them, a Bronte superfan did the hard work). There isn’t one in Northern Ballet’s version, but every nuanced detail of the original is there.

Cassidy Little as the face for the Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal.

Cassidy Little: I lost my right leg in Afghanistan, but now I am walking tall as an actor

Having lost his right leg while serving out in Afghanistan as a Royal Marine, Cassidy Little tells Sarah Freeman how becoming an actor has helped him come to term with his injuries.

A picture post card scene from the NYMR.

The documentary taking viewers behind the scenes of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway

A new documentary will give television viewers a glimpse behind the scenes of one of Yorkshire’s most-loved tourist attractions. Sarah Freeman meets the stars of the show.

Main picture by Graham Staples.

Tom Bird, chief executive of York Theatre Royal. Picture by Hannah Carter Brown.

Tom Bird: From Shakespeare’s Globe to the York Theatre Royal

Tom Bird had only just got his feet under his desk at York Theatre Royal when he committed a cardinal sin. Sat in the dress circle, watching for the first time the venue’s panto, the new executive director happened to catch one of the Wagon Wheels thrown into the audience at the end of each show by veteran dame Berwick Kaler.

Northern Ballet's Jane Eyre choreographed by Cathy Marston. Photo Emma Kauldhar.

Northern Ballet brings Jane Eyre back to the stage

It is one of Yorkshire’s most famous novels. Now Sarah Freeman discovers how Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre has been given the Northern Ballet treatment.


What makes the perfect political cartoon

Most of the famous political faces who end up with a starring role in one of Graeme Bandeira’s cartoons are happy to ignore how their most defining features have been exaggerated, believing instead that old adage that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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Jacob James Beswick as Pinkie and Sarah Middleton as Rose in Pilot Theatre and York Theatre Royal's production of Brighton Rock. Picture by Karl Andre.

Review: Brighton Rock, York Theatre Royal

Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock became a cult classic thanks to the 1948 film adaptation starring Richard Attenborough as teenage hoodlum Pinkie. The more recent big screen outing showed how difficult John Boulting’s direction was to match and this new production by Pilot Theatre suffers from much the same flaws.

Sharon Small as Alice Howland and Andrew Rothney as he son Thomas in Still Alice at West Yorkshire Playhouse.

Review: Still Alice, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds

When the West Yorkshire Playhouse was looking for a production to headline its inaugural Every Third Minute Festival putting dementia centre stage there was an obvious choice.

Theatre 1
Leeds University graduate Ousman Sowe who was one of the victims of Yaha Jammeh's bogus AIDS cure.

How I fell victim to the Gambian president who claimed to be able to cure AIDS

Yaha Jammeh stunned the world when he announced he had found the cure for AIDS, Now one victim of the bogus treatment tells Sarah Freeman why the man behind it must be brought to justice.

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Hannah Peel is one of the country's leading composers of electronic music. submit

How Hannah Peel grew up to be one of Britain’s most exciting composers

She grew up playing in a brass band in Barnsley, but Hannah Peel tells Sarah Freeman how she became plugged into a very different kind of music.

Northern Ballet dancers in Kenneth MacMillan's Concerto. Photo Emma Kauldhar. (3)

Why Northern Ballet is taking on the dance classics

He is one of the most influential figures in ballet choreography so why, asks Sarah Freeman, is Kenneth MacMillan such a hard sell?

Robert Ogden (right) with his brother Ben outside the family-run shop in Harrogate. Picture by Simon Hulme.

Harrogate of Ogden: Behind the scenes of a Yorkshire retail institution

It’s a story that includes chapters on a tiara worn by Napoleon’s Joséphine and the treasures of the Tomb of Tutankhamun. Sarah Freeman looks back on 125 years of a retail institution.

Analysis 1
Veronica Bird, who spent 35 years working in the Prison Service.

From Myra Hindley to Charles Bronson, former prison governor Veronica Bird on her life behind bars

Veronica Bird entered the Prison Service the same day as Myra Hindley. Having just released her memoir she talks to Sarah Freeman.

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