Tony Earnshaw

David Niven kept detailed diaries.

Tony Earnshaw: The art of keeping a diary

Earlier this year I had cause to revisit a diary I kept in 1987.

There was nothing of great import within it, just the musings of a somewhat immature 21-year-old as he contemplated leaving college and getting a job.

Sir John Hurt was one of Britain's true acting legends.

Tony Earnshaw: Why Sir John Hurt was a real man of the people

It was easy to like John Hurt.

Forget the 100-plus movies, the TV shows and the live theatre. I’m referring to the man.

For John wasn’t starry, snooty or self-absorbed. In fact that incredible versatility that enabled him to bring a touch of class to anything with which he was associated transferred itself into the real world and a universality that meant he could relate to anyone, anywhere.

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