Andrew Vine

Why we need to save the Christmas card and the art of letter writing

THE Christmas cards are arriving thick and fast, but as each year goes by, there are fewer of them.

Chris Grayling at York station.

Andrew Vine: Budget is a chance to turbocharge the Northern Powerhouse

THERE is a step that the Chancellor should take in his Budget tomorrow which would give Britain an enormous economic boost at a time of uncertainty.

Crisis management: At a time when strong leadership is needed during the Brexit negotiations, Theresa May's premiership appears beset by political disasters.

‘Countdown to disaster as our Government falls apart’

THE days tick away, not only towards Christmas, but to an altogether more urgent deadline.

Opinion 1

Remembrance will not wither with time

EXACTLY 100 years ago, a kind of peace had fallen on one of the Great War’s bloodiest and most horrific battlefields.

Houses of Parliament.

‘Sleaze must be shown no mercy to win back trust’

DAY after day, the litany of accusations lengthens, and with each shocking allegation a little more of the credibility of politics is chipped away.


‘Why Halloween needs to be reinvented so children stop knocking on strangers’ doors’

TONIGHT, the chances of settling down for a quiet evening in front of the television, or with a book, are virtually nil.

Are you unsure about online fraud?

Andrew Vine: How fraud is robbing me of peace of mind in our online world

SOMEWHERE out there, a nasty, thieving toe-rag has been spending my hard-earned money.

First-time buyers are having to gamble to gain a foothold on the property ladder.

Andrew Vine: Rates of uncertainty in a gamble on price of home

I DROPPED off a “welcome to your new home” card and a bottle of bubbly the other day with a young couple who have just bought their first house.

Defiant: The name of the small coastal town of Dunkirk has lodged in the British psyche as a byword for defiance. (Picture: Warner Brothers inc.)

Andrew Vine: Spirit reminds us we had to fight for our freedoms

I’LL be amongst the hordes packing into cinemas this week to watch Dunkirk, the new film about one of Britain’s finest hours, which opened at the weekend to rave reviews.

Some people accuse the authorities of a cover-up over the Grenfell Tower tragedy. (PA).

Andrew Vine: Conspiracy claims will only prevent justice for Grenfell

A moment’s search of the internet for the latest developments about the horrific fire at Grenfell Tower reveals a mass of disturbing material that has little to do with the tragically high death toll.

Theresa May during a recent school visit, but did she learn any lessons about public sector pay?

Andrew Vine: Cut foreign aid spending for sake of public sector

THERE could be no starker illustration of the burdens borne by our overworked, underpaid public sector than the despairing account of a teaching assistant I met last week.

Drunken behaviour on aeroplanes is becoming a growing menace - and danger - to passengers.

Andrew Vine: A nightmare at 30,000ft of air rage and ‘floozing’

I WAS introduced to a new word for the first time the other day – floozing.

More needs to be done to help first-time buyers, argues Andrew Vine. Do you agree?

Andrew Vine: Our streets are turning grey as young priced out

SOMETHING strange and rather sad is happening in my corner of Yorkshire – gradually, it’s becoming an enclave for the middle-aged and elderly.

Theresa May's reputation is on the line as Brexit talks begin.

Andrew Vine: Who’d bet on a smooth Brexit as storms gather?

THE Queen’s Speech tomorrow should not detain her long from the second day of her beloved Royal Ascot.

Theresa May addressing the nation after the latest terror attack.

Andrew Vine: Election in shadow of terror must be watershed moment

THERE will be no rejoicing assuming Theresa May and the Conservatives are returned to office in the early hours of Friday morning.

A shrine to victims of the Manchester atrocity.

Andrew Vine: Pull up the seeds of hatred before they take root

HOW do you identify a potential terrorist? How is it possible to spot somebody on the way to becoming another Salman Abedi, the murderer responsible for the Manchester atrocity?

jeremy Corbyn's leadership continues to polarise opinion in the Labour party.

Andrew Vine: Where Labour’s many MPs could become the few

THERE’S an unofficial Labour election rallying cry being heard in my corner of Yorkshire that’s a long way removed from the party’s official line of “For the many, not the few”.

Theresa May did a joint interview with her husband Philip on the BBC's The One Show.

Andrew Vine: Theresa May needs to offer more than a safety-first slogan

I’VE started to groan inwardly every time Theresa May parrots her campaign slogan “strong and stable”, because it represents everything wrong with the way this election is being run.

The Duke of Edinburgh is retiring from public life.

Andrew Vine: True TV royalty... how monarchy mastered media

THIS is a year of milestones for the Royal Family, some personal, some to do with public duty, but all of them unfolding under the relentless scrutiny of television and video streaming on social media.

Labour leader Tony Blair waves as he arrives at No.10 Downing Street May 2 in 1997. Blair won the general Election defeating the Conservative John Major in a massive landslide.  Photo by Ian Waldie REUTERS

Andrew Vine: The striking parallels between Theresa May and Tony Blair’s election campaigns

THE late Conservative minister and waspish political diarist Alan Clark was not a man to mince his words.

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