Sam Raynes at Carr Lane Farm near Penistone. Mr Raynes, 28, is deputy show manager of Penistone Show which takes place next Saturday. Picture by Tony Johnson.

Youthful injection for Penistone Show with Sam Raynes at the fore

There is often talk of the average age of farming being around the mid-50s and agricultural shows lamenting a lack of fresh blood, but in the hamlet of Gunthwaite and Penistone Show, that takes place next Saturday (September 14), there’s one young man who is definitely bucking the trend – and he’s not the only one so far as the show is concerned.

Jorge Thomas, managing director of Swaledale Foods at Skipton (left), with farmer Amos Dewhurst and some of his Dexter herd on the moors near Winterburn. Picture by Gary Longbottom.

Meet Skipton's native breed farmers supplying some of London's top restaurants

It’s a pretty safe bet that mentioning names like Brat, Leroy, Moro and Anchor & Hope will mean very little to many in the farming fraternity not just in Yorkshire but probably anywhere else – and yet these are some of the leading establishments in the capital where Jorge Thomas and Charlie Cowling’s enterprising meat company Swaledale Foods are developing a fabulous reputation through white rose reared livestock.
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