Is there any point in buying an 8K TV?

Five short years ago, 4K television sets belonged if not to science fiction then at the very least to the “bleeding edge” shelf at John Lewis. Offering twice the resolution of regular high definition, they represented the outer edge of what appeared possible in the name of home entertainment.

8K TVs like this one by LG are likely to capture the market in the coming decade

What will be the top tech trends in the 2020s?

The 50th Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s biggest platform for new gadgets and technology, will get underway in Las Vegas a week on Tuesday. It will serve as a taster of what we can expect not only in the coming year but through the 2020s.

Fujifilm's instant camera may be a fad but it can instantly fill someone's stocking

Best gadget guide for Christmas 2019

Christmas shopping – that portion of the retail calendar sandwiched between Black Friday and the Boxing Day sales – is in full swing, and there is no need to go online to find the most up-to-date technology with which to stuff someone’s stocking.

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