The best and worst apps for checking your train and bus times

IN A world of smartphones and contactless payments, you would have thought that paper tickets on public transport would have gone the way of the bus conductor. Unfortunately, the 21st century has been a late arrival on our transport network.

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Network Rail's Mark Carne

David Behrens: If earnings are the name of the game, then you can call me Dave

YOUR name says a lot about you, and it turns out I’ve been using the wrong one all these years.


Hundreds of mourners say final farewell to 'true Yorkshirewoman' Hannah Hauxwell

Perhaps 270 mourners squeezed in to the cosy Methodist chapel on the corner of Horse Market, with another 70 or so just outside. It was more people than the young Hannah Hauxwell would have seen in a year.

Lawrence Ross with the statue of Thomas Chippendale in Otley

Why Thomas Chippendale is part of the furniture in Otley

He was not yet 20 when he dragged his ball and claw feet out of Otley in search of the bright lights of York and then London, but the town of Thomas Chippendale’s birth is not letting the absence of any of his furniture there interfere with its plans to celebrate his 300th anniversary.

The replica of Cook's Endeavour sails into Whitby Harbour

Chefs recreate Capt Cook’s meals for today’s tastes as Whitby marks 250 years since first voyage

A bag of fish and chips on the harbour wall at Whitby – if the seagulls don’t get it first – is a holiday tradition that goes back generations. But this summer’s menu will be sourced from even more traditional ingredients.

Gouthwaite Reservoir, Nidderdale.  
Picture by Bruce Rollinson

Off the box: TV presenters go wild to get viewers out of the house

THEY may not listen to anyone else but young people, it seems, will still take notice of someone on TV.

The new BBC Radio iPlayer

Why the best way of listening to the radio is no longer a radio

For nearly 40 years we have been able to record TV programmes for viewing at a more convenient time. The facility to do the same for radio has taken a while longer.

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The Ellis family from Bradford in BBC2's Back In Time For Tea

David Behrens: Rites of passage reveal a shift back in time to era of ‘Old Nosey’

ON the arc of life, I am somewhere in the region I can still get away with calling late middle-age. I know this because I have grown through the novelty of going to B&Q for two lengths of plywood on a Saturday afternoon, and come out the other side.

Great Britain flag-bearer Lizzy Yarnold during the Opening Ceremony of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games at the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium

Olympics opening ceremony: How they fanned the flame of hope over two Koreas

Two women stood out as the heat from the Olympic flame evaporated in the icy air of Pyeongchang today – one by her presence; the other in absentia.


The Barnsley pit village that may have been cradle of the Industrial Revolution

For years it was a pit village, an important cog on the wheel of coal that kept the West Riding turning.

The Beatles at Abbey Road

Paperback writers – Brontës and Beatles come together in frock-and-roll Top Ten

Kate Bush’s 1970s habitation of Wuthering Heights had already tenuously connected the Brontë Parsonage on the West Riding moors with the EMI studio on London’s Abbey Road in which The Beatles sang of Sergeant Pepper and Eleanor Rigby.

Mobile data is getting cheaper and more flexible

Why you might still be paying for mobile data when you’re really using WiFi

YOU can’t help but have noticed that mobile data is getting cheaper almost by the month. Where once a gigabyte or less on your monthly allowance was the norm, operators are now handing out upwards of 4BG for under a tenner, on their Sim-only plans.

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David Richardson with the Harewood ledger

The time a land sale at £50 an acre saved Harewood

IT IS one of the jewels in the crown of Yorkshire’s grand estate, but newly-discovered documents reveal just how close Harewood came to joining the ranks of the “lost houses” destroyed by their owners in the face of crippling post-war death duties.

John Humphrys on Mastermind

David Behrens: Questionable largesse of BBC would baffle the sharpest mind on Mastermind

IT’S ALWAYS said, when the pass rates go up, that school exams must be getting easier. But don’t let the figures fool you – the real measure of the nation’s declining intelligence is the choice of specialist subjects on Mastermind.

Inside the little cinema at Leeds Industrial Museum, used by Minicine.

The village roadshow on region’s smallest big screens

Tucked away behind the Old Swan and the Post Office, the little village hall in the Dales town of Gargrave will witness a cinematic happening this evening.


True daughter of the Dales: Inside story of how Hannah Hauxwell’s lonely life moved the nation

She was not yet 50 but her weathered face betrayed her. Hannah Hauxwell, bowed but not beaten by the unforgiving North Pennine climate, had already lived what would for most people have been two lifetimes – when suddenly she became a celebrity.

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Rachel Reeves, Leeds West MP and former junior chess champion, during her visit toWhingate Primary School with international Master Malcolm Pein, Chief Executive of CSC, to support of Chess in Schools and Communities.

Why women are better at chess than they thought

IT might have seemed the black-and-white preserve of an old mates’ club – but the endgame is that when it comes to playing chess, women are not as square as everyone thought.

Post-production shows these identical pictures of Ripon Cathedral in a new light

How to get Lightroom or Premiere results for free

Post-production is a term long applied to the editing and onward manipulation of films and television programmes, but now photographers have embraced the principle, too. And no matter whether you’re working with stills or video, there are plenty of tools that will let you try it yourself - at little or no cost.

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Fenella with one of the local children in Holmfirth

Sting in the tale of a tiger who really did come for tea

They speak still in Holmfirth of the tiger who came to tea. Not the one in the children’s story, but a real Sumatran tiger who, legend had it, slept on the sofa and ate its breakfast, lunch and dinner there every day for a decade.


David Behrens: School league tables are not the be-all and end-all in education

THE publication on Thursday of the annual performance tables for the nation’s secondary schools will have done little to lighten the stress with which, we are told, teachers are afflicted.

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