Home monitoring cameras like this  Ezviz Mini O are now as cheap as �35

Protecting your home for £35... plus the extras

A high-definition, wireless home security camera for £35 sounds like a reasonable investment, especially if you want to protect your property without immersing yourself in the complications that come with more sophisticated models. The trouble is that it’s not always clear what you get and what you don’t.

Aldi's latest Medion PC packed quite a punch

What made Aldi’s PC pack more of a punch than the rest?

It has been a few years since personal computers appeared in any volume on the shelves of supermarkets. They always were a curious sell – silicon chips a few feet from frozen ones – but in the early days of home computing, their presence helped to drag an unfriendly and unfamiliar technology into the consumer mainstream.

Watching TV on your holiday may be easier than you think

Take your favourite TV shows with you on holiday

Packing a TV set along with the swimming costumes and sun tan cream is a notion to which not many of us would have given a second thought until recently. Forgoing a few episodes of Emmerdale was a small price to pay for a week in the sun.

Google's Family Link app lets you control your children's handsets

Best ways to legitimately keep tabs on someone’s location

The ease with which the security services – ours or someone else’s – can use your mobile phone data to track your movements and generally monitor what you’re doing is obviously frightening if done for the wrong reasons, as viewers of The Bodyguard and similar dramas will have realised.

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