How to automate your Android phone

The most-asked question about mobile phones has not changed for a decade, and it is this: which is better – Apple or Android?

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Royal fans in Windsor ahead of the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. PIC: PA

David Behrens: The odd couple... America renews its own romance with Britain

Leaving aside for a moment its singular and incomparable Britishness, today’s spectacle in Windsor is also a peculiarly American occasion.

AV receivers like this one by Yamaha can be had for less than �200

How to upgrade your TV sound without buying new speakers

Converting your living room into an Odeon sounds like a good idea until you start moving the furniture and taking up the carpet to accommodate the several hundred pounds worth of equipment you’ve just bought. The brochure didn’t mention that’s what would be involved.

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Jeremy Clarkson hosting ITV's''Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

David Behrens: Who’d want to be a celebrity... but did we see the real Jeremy Clarkson?

ASIDE from having too much or too little money, the life force perhaps most likely to throw someone completely off-balance is fame.

Apple's iCloud can restore your apps surprisingly easily

When turning it on and off again really is the best option

For as long as there have been IT departments, the advice to “turn it off and on again” has been a standing joke. No-one in any other walk of life asks you to do that: not the bloke at the garage if your car is misfiring; not the nurse at the clinic when the scales register a stone more than you expected.

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The Grove, Ilkley

David Behrens: The ‘least liveable’ city of Bradford could learn from the Nimbys it dismisses

IT was no surprise to learn this week that Craven, the patch of North Yorkshire that includes Skipton and much of the Dales, is the best part of the region in which to live.

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The Roku Express is the best value streaming stick with the widest choice of services

We seem to have lost the picture: Will Channel 4 kill Freesat?

Watching live television, as opposed to catching up with it later on the internet, is a recreation whose appeal has declined considerably in recent years. That may be just as well, because for many of us, it has suddenly become harder to do.

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An immersive winter esperience in the Dales

David Behrens: Time more of us immersed ourselves in the beauty of the Dales

EXTENDING the tourism season beyond the natural limits of the autumn half-term is not exactly a new idea – it’s why Blackpool is festooned with light bulbs every October.

Vodafone's SureSignal is one way of boosting your mobile coverage

Is there a new way to legally boost your mobile signal?

In some parts of rural Yorkshire, an acceptable broadband hookup is still no guarantee of mobile reception. The technologies are unconnected – literally – and the provision of mobile masts often a contentious issue, so many subscribers have had to look for more creative solutions.

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Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin

David Behrens: Cheers to JD Wetherspoon boss who’s called time on social media networks

IN an age in which businesses are run by jargon rather than instinct, Tim Martin is the biggest breath of fresh air since Sir Ken Morrison.

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Staithes. Picture: James Hardisty

How a Scottish village helped Staithes turn tourism into an art

Its rugged and distinctive landscape, cottages clinging to the hillside, boats bobbing in the harbour, has inspired artists and photographers for generations. But it was a village in Scotland that was to be the inspiration for Staithes’s latest incarnation.


How boat came in to give Whitby a gourmet touch

The smell of batter hangs pleasantly in the air above Baxtergate as visitors squeeze their way through the narrow streets and on to the swing bridge across the harbour.


How Scarborough’s North Bay is reclaiming its entertainment crown

Scarborough is reclaiming its crown as one of England’s top entertainment resorts. But can its starry line-up of one-night stands compete with Blackpool’s summer-long attractions? David Behrens reports.

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Bitcoin isn't really a coin - but what exactly is it?

What is Bitcoin, REALLY? And is it a scam?

IT may seem strange now, but in the 1950s people wrote to “ask the expert” columns in the papers to ask what yoghurt was. The experts didn’t know, either.

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Mist lingers between the hills seen from the White Horse on the Hambleton Hills looking towards Oldstead and Byland Abbey on a cold winters morning. PIC: Tony Johnson

David Behrens: That rural retirement cottage is a distant dream for most of us

Like much of rural North Yorkshire, Hambleton has an ageing population. Partly it’s because it is the sort of place in which suburbanites like myself would like to spend our autumn years; partly it’s because indigenous younger families are pulled away by the lure of better-paid jobs in bigger centres.

Bitcoin raises more questions than it answers.

Why the bitcoin craze raises more questions than it answers

It may seem strange now, but in the 1950s people wrote to “ask the expert” columns in the papers to ask what yoghurt was. The experts didn’t know, either. Today’s fads are tomorrow’s staples, but only sometimes. For every pot of Ski, there is an eight-track stereo cartridge, mullet hairstyle or hula hoop languishing in the footnotes column of history.

Village schools in North Yorkshire are under threat

David Behrens: Our children may be digital natives but they still need schools

Less than 20 years have passed since I turned on the nine o’clock news and saw footage of a toddler in the US whose motor skills had developed to the point where he could use the mouse of his parents’ computer.

Windy Maps is an app made in Prague but equally at home in Pickering.

Best apps for never getting lost when you’re out walking or riding

For many of us, Google Maps has become the first and only recourse when we need to find our way around. There are two obvious reasons: the service is extremely good and it’s free.

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Samsung's new S9 boasts features some users find hard to believe

Samsung’s animojis – just another Mickey Mouse feature?

THE new season’s crop of mobile phones is on its way to the shops, and they’re loaded with more features than ever - except the one most of us seem to want.

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Samsung's new S9 boasts features some users find hard to believe

How mobile phone designers became obsessed with emojis

Most mobile users want a better battery and more memory, not animojis, writes David Behrens.

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