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Jayne Dowle: My local woods show the scale of fly-tipping in Yorkshire

My local woods have become so notorious for fly-tipping, they even featured on a regional television news bulletin last year. This brief moment of fame hasn’t stopped people dumping their detritus and scarring the majestic beauty of the ancient landscape with busted mattresses. In fact, if anything, it’s got worse.

WORKING SOLUTION: In an age of ever-increasing technology and automation, our young people must be given hope that there is light at the end of the jobs tunnel.

Jayne Dowle: UK needs proper jobs if it is to be a hive of industry

I’m wondering if my daughter might be part of the Government’s new Industrial Strategy, which is launched today. Theresa May’s commitment to creating a new way of doing business in the UK has been much heralded, but most of us are still unsure about how it is going to affect our own lives and future generations.


Jayne Dowle: Stamp duty cut won’t deliver the homes we need

THERE is an ancient pinfold opposite my house, one of the few left in South Yorkshire. It’s a long time since livestock enjoyed the unsurpassable rural views over the Dove Valley. These days it’s a favourite with dog walkers and it’s the best place for sledging in the winter.

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The concept of 'payday' is alien to many.

Jayne Dowle: Payday delayed? Welcome to the world of the self-employed

I FOUND it hard to have much sympathy for the HSBC customers caught out by the bank’s latest online and mobile banking meltdown. “But it’s payday!” they complained. “I’ve got direct debits and standing orders going out!” they bleated.

HELPING HANDS: A poll, carried out by Independent Age, finds that nine out of 10 MPs do not believe that the current social care system is fit for purpose. PIC: PA

Jayne Dowle: Help our elderly people... by looking closer to home

Every morning I look out of the window and think about the lady down the road. I saw her in her garden last summer. She seemed an independent sort of person. I don’t see her now. Instead I see her carers arrive twice a day, and ponder what her life must be like.

Tesco is to stop selling single-use carrier bags.

Jayne Dowle: Time that cheap plastic bags were binned for good

NOW that Tesco has announced its intention to stop selling 5p carrier bags, I might even forgive the multi-billion supermarket chain for those annoying television adverts which shove “food love stories” down our throats.

Should more teenagers be working in supermarkets like Morrisons?

Jayne Dowle: Jobs that work wonders for youngsters’ prospects

I’M struggling to find interesting facts and figures to back up my views on teenagers and part-time jobs.

Jayne Dowle advocates seaside holidays.

Jayne Dowle: Who really needs giant buffets and relentless sun?

I’M not sure whether it was the eye-watering cost, at least £2,500 for a family of four to stay at a decent hotel anywhere in Europe in August for a week.

Many children face going hungry over the long six-week break from school. (JPress).

Jayne Dowle: Shame on this nation over our children’s hunger

Are you preparing excitedly for your annual summer holiday, flying your family off to the sun perhaps? Or are you looking at the pennies in your purse and despairing of even buying your children an ice cream?


Jayne Dowle: Decision to raise the state pension age is terrifying

You know you’re getting older when you start receiving invitations to retirement parties.

The Shimmer Estate in Mexborough which is to be demolished to make way for HS2. (Picture Scott Merrylees).

Jayne Dowle: HS2 on wrong track if it fails to spread the benefit

Am I the only one missing a connection? In all the arguments I’ve had on the subject of HS2, the major plus-point I’ve accepted is that we would end up with a new station here in South Yorkshire to whizz us directly to London in super-fast time. And of course, to whizz London directly to us, so that we can all enjoy mutual economic, employment, social and cultural opportunities.

Education Secretary Justine Greening is being urged to reform work experience.

Jayne Dowle: Lesson in the importance of world of work

I KNOW the Government has a lot on its mind, but I call on Education Secretary Justine Greening to urgently re-think the policy on work experience.

Theresa May at last week's G20 summit.

Jayne Dowle: PM’s deaf ear led to a disaster movie scenario

TODAY marks the anniversary of Theresa May becoming Prime Minister. There won’t be much of a celebration at Number 10. We’re not exactly putting the flags out on our street either.

Rural Britain must not be forgotten about, says Jayne Dowle.

Jayne Dowle: Countryside can’t be enclave for the affluent

I’M not sure I want to live in an “enclave of the affluent”. We moved house last year. It wasn’t a purposeful decision to be closer to the countryside.

HS2 should be stopped in its tracks, says Jayne Dowle. Do you agree?

Jayne Dowle: Why HS2 should be stopped in its tracks now – it’s an indulgence

I’M reporting from the HS2 frontline in South Yorkshire. The good news is that acres of ancient woodland just minutes from my front door are not about to be churned up and lost forever in the name of progress.

What has happened to neighbourliness?

Jayne Dowle: Everybody really does still need good neighbours

I WAS interested to read this new survey about neighbours. We moved house last year so we’ve been on a steep learning curve acquainting ourselves with the habits of those who share our daily habitat.

Jayne Dowle: Clearing the air a decade on from the smoking ban

Jayne Dowle: Clearing the air a decade on from the smoking ban

IT’S 10 years since smoking was banned in public places in England. Can you remember the furore at the time? Do you recall the dire warnings that restaurants, cafes and public houses would close their doors for good, and national life would never recover?

Prince Harry has spoken about the future of the Royal family.

Jayne Dowle: Royal Family is guiding light in toughest of times

IT has been a terrible few weeks for Great Britain, but we should consider ourselves very lucky. We have a Royal Family providing a guiding light in the toughest of times, rising above the clamorous fray, the blame-shifting and the political point-scoring and showing us what they are really made of.

The Queen met firefighters following the Grenfell Tower blaze.

Jayne Dowle: Why I feel London’s pain and fear for all our futures despite the Queen’s reassuring leadership

I LIVED in London for 14 years. I still visit the capital, and skirt its sprawling outskirts to see family in Kent and Surrey. I remember the sheer energy of the
West End and the beauty of the River Thames and exactly where to stand on the Tube.

A graduation ceremony at the University of York.

Jayne Dowle: Listen to lost generation in ‘them and us’ Britain

WILL someone please listen to Alan Milburn? The former Labour minister has produced yet another report for his Social Mobility Commission. It finds that young people are deeply pessimistic about their chances of getting on in Britain’s “them and us” society.

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