Apprentice stars prove an inspiration at MADE

THEY might have failed to win over Lord Alan Sugar in The Apprentice, but Paloma Vivanco, Melody Hossaini, Shibby Robati and Claire Young certainly helped to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs at last week’s MADE festival in Sheffield.

The TV show contestants were among the line-up of 60 business people who helped entertain and inspire around 3,000 delegates.

They are pictured at St Pancras in London, about to board the Entrepreneur Express, a special train carrying 75 entrepreneurs to Sheffield for MADE.

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The organisers staged 30 events spread across September 21-24, each designed to inspire new and existing business leaders.

Many of the delegates were students from further education colleges.

Michael Hayman, the festival chairman, said: “This is like an MBA in a day for some of these kids and they are going to leave with their lives transformed.”