Asda launches click and collect service at the Tube

ASDA is to step up its expansion into London and the South East with a new click and collect service at six London Underground stations.

Under the deal with Transport for London, the service will allow commuters to order their shopping before midday and pick it up from the station car park from 4pm onwards.

The first stations will be East Finchley, Harrow and Wealdstone, High Barnet, Highgate, Stanmore and Epping.

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The move is part of Asda’s five-year strategy to increase the number of click and collect points to 1,000, while also increasing its footprint in London and the South East, where it has lower awareness and fewer stores than its rivals.

The “click, commute and collect” service will start next Monday.

The launch is part of Asda’s mission to increase awareness of its brand from 53 per cent today to 70 per cent by 2018.

Leeds-based Asda said the launch of six underground sites is not a trial and if they work well, more will be launched.

It added that the service means it won’t have to charge customers more for their shopping. Some of its rivals charge higher prices in convenience stores than superstores and argue that the higher prices are needed to subsidise city centre retail space.

Asda said that demand for its service will grow quickly as word spreads, especially after five years of recession and soaring house prices in the capital.

Asda’s retail director Mark Ibbotson said: “Customers in the South East tell us that they want the prices and quality provided by Asda value, but they can’t access it easily. This tie-up with Transport for London solves that.

“We’ve led the way in click and collect by bringing Asda to where customers are rather than expecting them to come to us.

“We believe customers will value the convenience of collecting shopping at their home tube station rather than carrying the products bought in premium convenience stores on their commute home.”

The technology has been developed together with Walmart labs in California, part of Asda’s parent company.

It comes after similar launches in Nottingham and Reading.

Customers will be able to use the service seven days a week and can order from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Graeme Craig, Transport for London’s director of commercial development, said: “We have been working to improve the services on offer for our customers.

“The Asda trial for their click and collect services at six London underground stations is great news for customers who can now order goods and pick them up later the same day at their local station car park on the way home.

“Customers will be able to order their goods when they are out and about or even using our WiFi network on their daily commute.”