Bantams top the table with new mobile app

Bradford City will be the first club to benefit from a landmark deal between '‹'‹The English Football League and intechnologyWiFi to provide official club mobile applications and stadium WiFi networks to clubs across the'‹ '‹football league.

Both services will be provided to the club at no cost.​ ​The new mobile app will give Bantams fans a one stop, 24/7, 365-days-a-year digital match-day experience, allowing them to read the latest news, interact on social media, check commentary and results, place a bet live, in-play on the latest action (facilitated by Sky Bet) and share content with fellow fans, wherever they are.

​Further down the line, the mobile app will be accompanied by a WiFi network at the Northern Commercials Stadium, allowing fans to connect even on a busy match day.

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The WiFi network will be completed and go live later in the season.

The new official mobile app for Bradford City ​is ​available ​now​ and can be downloaded at

The mobile app ​will provide a range of new revenue streams for the club, through digital advertising for sponsors and the provision of the betting platform.

Following a revenue share agreement in place with ​​The English Football League​’s league sponsor, Sky Bet, every bet placed by fans will see the club take a share.

Work has started to install the WiFi network at the Northern Commercials Stadium, allowing fans to use the app in the stadium, without data charges or slow connection speeds.

The stadium WiFi network will power the mobile application within the stadium on match-days, allowing fans to use the app at the ground, even when congested 3G or 4G traffic usually makes it impossible.

​​Harrogate-based intechnologyWiFi ​will be​ able to call upon state-of-the-art equipment in the design of WiFi networks equipped for the significant burden of thousands of users at the same time.

Shaun Harvey, ​c​hief ​e​xecutive ​of ​The English Football League, said: “EFL Digital’s ground breaking deal with intechnologyWiFi represents a significant opportunity for clubs like Bradford City to engage and connect with fans in a way that they have not been able to do previously, and with zero additional investment.

​“​Instant access to exciting and unique content will improve fans’ digital experience on match days and non-match days and the introduction of new profitable revenue streams will ensure that clubs will receive a direct financial benefit.”

Michael Shackleton, commercial manager at Bradford City, said: “The football club are excited to bring the mobile app to all City supporters. The club sees this as a major step forward as we look to engage with our supporters through this really dynamic digital platform. The app, coupled with the stadium WiFi, will give added match day experience. It’s the ideal destination for all current information about Bradford City.”

Natalie Duffield, CEO at intechnologyWiFi, added: “Bradford City fans are set to enjoy a revolution to their match-day experience, whether inside or outside the stadium, through the power of our innovative mobile application and stadium WiFi network solution.

“What’s more, by using the app and placing bets on their team, Bantams fans will be actively making money for their club. It’s a win–win all round.”