A big bonus as Gripple spreads the rewards

At a time when the bonus culture is under scrutiny, it’s refreshing to find a company where rewards are spread around the workforce.

While visiting Sheffield-based manufacturing firm Gripple, former Home Secretary David Blunkett had the chance to study the company’s employee ownership culture. Mr Blunkett also heard about the staff’s fundraising effort for a charity which trains dogs to support people with disabilities.

Following a walk around the factory floor and a chat with staff, Mr Blunkett joined Gripple’s chairman, Hugh Facey and managing director, Ian Farquhar in a discussion about the company’s values.

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Mr Blunkett said: “Gripple is not simply a highly successful manufacturing enterprise, it is an experience. Employee-owned and driven both by innovation and mutual creativity, this is a Sheffield company displaying all the strengths of our creative history, entrepreneurship and decent employee relations.

“No bonus culture here, but a sharing of the challenge and the rewards.

£If there were only more companies like Gripple, the world would be a better and more successful place for everyone.”

Staff at both Gripple and its sister company in Sheffield, Loadhog, are involved in helping the Support Dogs charity.

Danny Anderson, fundraising manager at Support Dogs in Sheffield, said yesterday: “Gripple has provided Support Dogs with brilliant support this year.”