Big step forward in big data for WANdisco

Revenue at technology firm WANdisco fell slighlty in 2015 but the group narrowed losses through the year.

David Richards of Wandisco
David Richards of Wandisco

Sheffield-based WANdisco said revenue dropped from $11.2m to $11m while losses narrowed to $16m from $17.9m in 2014.

The group said that it had taken a big step forward in the still nascent big data market. In the big data field WANDisco launched a new product called Fusion this year and saw its customer base expanded from 10 to 26.

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David Richards, chief executive at WANdisco, said: “Our presence in the Big Data market has taken a big step forward, with our live customers demonstrating that our Fusion product for Big Data, in on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments, is highly relevant in its marketplace.

“Fusion is increasingly viewed as a crucial technology enabling customers to migrate onto our partners’ emerging Cloud data platforms. With partners such as IBM, Amazon, Google and Microsoft, we are working increasingly closely on data migration offerings and go to market activities.”

WANdisco said refocused sales and marketing focus brought improved sales towards the end of the year in its Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) business. It added that the ALM division achieved profitability in the year.

Mr Richards said: “In our ALM business, I am pleased with our improved sales bookings towards the end of the year, responding to our increased focus on this market.

“Our offering remains well suited to today’s increasingly distributed software development operations, and our live customer base of over 200 corporations offers ample sales opportunities.

“We reduced costs progressively through the year. Whilst the timing of contract wins remains variable, I am confident that WANdisco enters 2016 on a strengthened operational footing and is moving significantly closer to cash flow break-even.

“With a compelling product for Big Data in the Cloud, increasing engagement of partners and a well-established ALM product, we expect to build momentum through the rest of this year.”