Businessman behind personal training company Ultimate Performance hopes to open more gyms in Yorkshire

THE businessman behind a global personal training company said he hoped to open more gyms in Yorkshire.

Ultimate Performance is opening a gym in Leeds
Ultimate Performance is opening a gym in Leeds

Nick Mitchell, the Yorkshire-born founder and global CEO of Ultimate Performance, said his company was opening a new site in Leeds, next month which will create 10 jobs for personal trainers.

The company, which is famous for training clients including Olivia Coleman and Gemma Atkinson, is opening a new 3,000 sq. ft private personal training facility in the Sovereign Square development.

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Mr Mitchell, who is a former Bradford Grammar School pupil, said his company was a “complete outlier” and he wanted to “democratise fitness”.

He said: “We promote and incentivise trainers on their ability to demonstrate to the management that they give maximum value.”

The new Ultimate Performance Leeds gym is set to open in January 2020 to private personal training clients and marks the latest stage in the company’s global expansion, which now stands at 19 gyms in nine countries.

Leeds will be the company’s eighth location in the UK, with new gyms also opening in Liverpool and London St Paul’s next year, alongside existing gyms in London City, Mayfair, Kensington, Manchester and Cheshire.

Mr Mitchell said: “Bringing Ultimate Performance to my home county is incredibly gratifying and represents the fulfilment of a personal dream for me, which I have long held since launching the business over a decade ago in London.

“Growing up in the region, I’ve always felt deeply that Leeds is a world class city – and a world class city deserves a world class personal training facility to rival the likes of our global locations in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Hong Kong, Dubai and Sydney.

“What Ultimate Performance will bring to the city is real expertise, professionalism as a trusted advisor and a proven personal training and nutrition methodology that delivers life-changing results.”

He said he would love to open other gyms in Yorkshire as the business grows.