Chamber International teams with Tate Freight

BUSINESS organisation Chamber International has joined forces with a company which supports businesses trading overseas.

Members of Bradford-based Chamber International, which supports businesses that are considering importing or exporting, can now subscribe to a detailed export manual after it signed a partnership with Tate Freight Forms, part of the Tate Group, a company which specialises in providing accurate, up-to-date information for businesses looking to import or export.

Tate Freight Forms was established in 1981 to provide documentation, training and expert guidance on the intricacies of international trade. Its export guide, which is now available through Chamber International, carries information on over 200 countries and gives detail on everything from Customs procedures and tariffs to what information exporters need to declare on invoices.

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Chamber International provides services on behalf of Chambers of Commerce.

Nikki Cunningham, Chamber International’s account executive, said: “Chamber International...helps businesses prepare for and execute the challenge of international business.

“Our latest partner, Tate Freight Forms brings a new level of expertise to our offering by providing the most up-to-date import and export trading guides which are available in hard copy or online. Trade procedures vary from country to country and can be quite daunting. These guides are designed as quick reference aids for importers and exporters.”

Chamber International has more than 2,000 members across Yorkshire which, it says, benefit from its network of regional, national and international partners including the Arab-British Chamber, the China-Britain Business Council, UK Trade and Investment, and embassies around the world.

Chamber International serves Bradford, Leeds, York and North Yorkshire chambers.

Stewart Tate, managing director of Tate Freight Forms, which is based in Milton Keynes, said: “Our objective is to boost and support the UK’s export market by ensuring businesses of any size have access to the information which will help them to navigate what can be a complex trading process.

“Things change very quickly in the international market and its our job, through our regularly updated export guides which are now available through Chamber International, to keep our finger on the pulse, keep businesses updated and supported which ultimately ensures the longer term success and continuation of the UK’s export market.”

For further information on the new Chamber International import or export guide, contact Nikki Cunningham on 01274 230058 or email [email protected]