Chimney sweep launches protective sheet range

A Businessman and former chimney sweep has launched a product that he hopes will “transform” the global market.

Sweepmate founder Lashman Singh

Lashman Singh worked as a sweep for 30 years and has developed Sweepmate, a range of hearth sheets to help tradesman with sweeping, power sweeping and dust extraction jobs, as well as chimney lining projects.

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The sheets, which comes in five varieties and a range of sizes, protect the sweeper and the room from debris, allowing them to do “a cleaner and more professional job”, Mr Lashman said.

“There has never been a product like this in the entire history of chimney sweeping and I have high hopes that Sweepmate can become a true friend of chimney sweeps and liners in countries where traditional coal and peat fires and stoves are still widely used,” the entrepreneur said.

The US could prove a lucrative market, he added, as wood-burning stoves remain commonplace.