Companies need to act to make the most of smartphone technology

​​Leeds-based telecoms company 24 Seven is urging local businesses to adapt their operations in the light of new research which shows that smartphones have overtaken computers as the primary method of accessing the internet​.

​The latest ​​​Ofcom Communication Report​ shows that ​4G data signal coverage ha​s​ improved by 18​ per cent and ​businesses are increasingly seeing 4G as vital to their day-to-day operation​.

24 Seven claims that the new spectrum has ​given businesses a viable alternative to fixed​ telecoms​ lines​.​

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​The firm said that with the rapid advancement of technology, remote working with mobile devices equipped to find a signal, regardless of their geographical location, is becoming a reality.

24 Seven MD and founder, David Samuel said: “24 Seven is addressing this demand for enhanced mobile communication technology with the national roaming SIM, ‘Jump’, which ensures improved connectivity throughout the UK by allowing devices to jump to another network when signal drops.

“With dependency on mobile technology rising for many businesses, there is a balance to be struck, and benefits to be found for both employer and employee. Collaborative working is vital to ensure security, safety and clear boundaries of responsibility that are becoming central to a successful telecoms strategy.”

​The report showed smartphones are now the most widely owned connected device (​used by ​66​ per cent​ of households), ​just ahead of laptops (​used by ​6​5 per cent).

​Almost half of smartphone users sa​id​ they​ a​re ​“​hooked”​ on their device​ as people increasingly rely on their mobile.​