Asda to begin the roll-out of its ‘Asda Rewards’ loyalty app to customers in Yorkshire

Big four supermarket Asda has announced it will begin a roll-out of its ‘Asda Rewards’ loyalty app to customers across Yorkshire following an eight-month trial.

The roll-out means that customers will be able use the Asda Rewards app in any of the supermarket’s 77 stores throughout the region.

The expansion in Yorkshire comes after a trial period across 48 Asda stores in the UK, which have seen over 300,000 customers sign up to the new loyalty programme and earn a total of £2.5m worth of rewards in their personal ‘cash pot’, which they can spend in store.

Mark Baxter, senior director for loyalty at Asda, said: “We are really excited to be able to bring Asda Rewards to all of our customers in Yorkshire.

Asda in Morley will be one of the stores to roll out the ‘Asda Rewards’ loyalty app.

“We know that customers in our other trial stores love the savvy feeling they get from using Asda rewards to earn cash for tomorrow on the products they buy today – and we’ve been making improvements to the app based on their feedback.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how much our customers can save by shopping with Asda rewards in Yorkshire and hearing what they think of it before we roll it out into even more stores across the UK.”

Shoppers can earn Asda Rewards by buying a certain number of a certain product or spending a certain amount on a range.

Up to August 10, customers will receive cashback for every milestone they meet, starting from spending £50 to get a 50p reward, earning as much as £25 into their Cashpot when they hit each spending milestone.

Customers can also unlock rewards by buying ‘Star Products’, highlighted throughout the store. There are over 400 ‘Star Products’ currently available. Customers will receive 10 per cent back into their Cashpot when they add any of these products to their basket.