East Riding of Yorkshire named as second best place in England to buy a house

The East Riding of Yorkshire has been named as the second best place in England to buy a home.

Analysis by Glint showed the east of Yorkshire to be the second best English county to buy a house in, based on average price per square foot, average salary, crime rate and life satisfaction. Only Cumbria was ranked better than East Yorkshire.

Regionally, the North East is the best part of England to buy in, whereas London (24/100 avg.) and the South East (35/100 avg.) rank as the worst.

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Surrey has the UK’s largest average house size (1,321 sq. ft), while South Yorkshire has the smallest (973 sq. ft)

East Riding named among best places to buy a home.

Based on house price per square foot, the least expensive areas for houses are in South Western Scotland, while the most expensive areas are in South East England.

The south of England took a hammering in our house-buying study, accounting for all spots in the top 10 worst places to buy a house in England. And there was one clear defining influencer in all this: sky-high prices.

What is surprising, however, is Kent (22/100) ranking above Greater London (24/100) as the worst place to buy a house in England. This is despite its average price per square foot being over 40% cheaper than London.