CORONAVIRUS: Can your brand recover from COVID-19?

WHAT's next for business brands and can yours recover from COVID-19?

Cynthia Bell, Strategy Consultant at Leeds-based brand and creative consultancy, Propaganda

Leeds-based brand and creative consultancy, Propaganda, today asks the questions and looks at how to impact the strength of your brand after recovery.

By combining proven insight models, creative excellence and commercial rigour, it vows to help grow your business however the odds are stacked.

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COVID-19 has transformed daily lives and people on the home front are feeling anxious.

The jolt to business-as-usual has led to a radical change in focus, with people re-considering what is important, and wellbeing, health and relationships have come to the fore.

There are widespread feelings of solidarity – being ‘in it together’ and people are becoming increasingly community minded.

“How your brand acts now, will directly impact its strength after recovery", says Cynthia Bell, Strategy Consultant at Propaganda.

Creative consultancy Propaganda gives advice on how to impact the strength of your brand after recovery

"There’s been a shift to a public role for businesses and brands, so the brands that are fleet of foot, altruistic and quick to act with purpose, are the ones building strong emotional equity with not only their customers, but their staff as well."

Dyson designed a new ventilator in 10 days, BrewDog adapted their production lines to produce sanitizer, whilst Heinz committed to giving 12 million free breakfasts to children – and people love them for it.

Each of these brands is developing a meaningful difference, a reason for consumers to remember and choose them over competitors. But what if you can’t design new ventilators or provide free breakfasts?

“You need to find a way to use your unique assets to help people," adds Cynthia.

"Could you share a skill, specialist knowledge, or content that is usually behind a paywall for free? Could you create new, relevant content, in line with your brand, to give people a lift?

"Do you have the budget to invest in something meaningful? Can you show solidarity with people in your industry who have been the most affected?”

At a time when restrictions have been imposed, can you give your customers back some control and choice?

Absolute Collagen has done just that, by proactively reassuring their customers that they can put their subscriptions on hold for however long they need to. The feedback from consumers was incredibly positive and the brand will have further strengthened their relationships with their audience of ‘Absoluters’.

Can you live your brand values in a way that supports both wider society and your bottom line?

Answering the call to bolster the logistics effort nationally, Clipper Logistics is living its values of agility and ability by delivering critically important PPE to the NHS front line and providing supply chain support for the grocery sector.

“Don’t forget your internal audience. How you treat your employees now will either build long-term advocacy or distrust," she says.

"This is an opportunity to connect with your employees and increase their engagement, productivity and loyalty.

"For businesses forced to close their usual operations, if possible, re-deploy staff into community-focused activities.

"For businesses whose employees can work from home, support staff wellbeing by offering flexibility and fostering virtual working environments which encourage collaboration, engagement and socials.

"Many businesses have had to furlough staff, implement salary cuts and in some instances, resort to staff reductions. Ensure you communicate what is happening and why with the whole business and give regular updates.

“This is a period of disruption, but with disruption comes opportunity. Put your brand in the best position for post-pandemic growth, by engaging with the national mood."

Cynthia concludes: " Use the skills and services unique to your brand for the benefit of your staff and society, and deliver campaigns with verve that engage and entertain."

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