EE switches on 5G in these three Yorkshire cities

Mobile network operator has switched on its first 5G sites in Yorkshire, bringing the UK’s latest mobile technology to Leeds, Sheffield and Wakefield.

EE was the first operator to launch 5G in the UK when six cities were switched on in May. Since then it has been expanding its network.

The firm has now added 5G to the three Yorkshire cities, surpassing its target of introducing 5G to 16 UK cities in 2019.

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The mobile network operator, part of BT Group, has set a new aim of having 5G live in more than 70 cities and large towns by March 2020, in time for the next big 5G device launches.

Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s consumer division, said: “We switched on the UK’s first 5G network in May, and this is another milestone towards keeping our customers connected 100 per cent of the time.

“We’re leading the way in the UK, with 4G and 5G coverage in more places than any other operator.

“Adding 5G to more cities and towns – and expanding our 5G coverage in each place – is helping us to always deliver the best mobile experience to our customers.”

5G is wireless technology that ismeant to provide much faster data speed for users. EE’s 5G is built on top of its 4G network and will allow customers to connect to both 4G and 5G at the same time.

Liz Needleman, BT Group regional lead for the North of England, said: “I’m thrilled that Leeds, Sheffield and Wakefield are amongst the first locations in the UK to receive 5G. This technology will provide faster mobile speeds than ever before. People will be able to download films onto their phone in seconds instead of minutes and will get a better connection even in the busiest places.

“5G will also bring major benefits to businesses, and, as well as faster speeds it should enable more partnerships and innovation in key sectors such as manufacturing and healthcare.”