ELITE surpasses 100 company milestone in the UK

'‹'‹There is little doubt about the significance of start-ups when it comes to exciting business ideas that'‹ '‹drive innovation and potential opportunities.

ELITE has over 100 companies from across the UK including four from Yorkshire

But the importance of growing mid–sized companies is​ ​often overlooked and it is these firms that are the real key to unlocking the UK’s economic future,​ ​creating employment and value as they scale up.

Launched in 2012 to back fast growing ambitious private companies, our unique business support​ ​and capital raising programme, ELITE, helps companies better prepare and structure for external​ ​investment to boost the next stage of their development.

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Today, there are more than 750 companies, advisors and investors in the growing international ELITE​ ​community, with over 100 companies from across the UK including four from Yorkshire.

At the end of April, ELITE welcomed 17 new companies from across the UK, including names such as​ ​the UK’s largest network for parents, Mumsnet; online investment management service provider,​ ​Nutmeg; and Lancashire-based industrial services firm, Pavement Testing Solutions. Collectively, the​ ​UK’s ELITE companies have aggregated revenues in excess of £1.6​bn and directly employ over​ ​12,500 people.

Through the programme, these businesses will receive practical knowledge on the different sources​ ​of finance, be that venture capital, private or public equity, to help them scale-up. But importantly​ ​ELITE is funding agnostic, encouraging companies to access the most appropriate financing for their​ ​needs.

A success story for one of our ELITE companies in the UK was the merger between crowdfunded​ ​British wine retailer and ELITE business, Naked Wines with AIM quoted, Majestic Wines. Apart from​ ​being a tremendous accomplishment for the company, the deal also reinforces ELITE’s ability to​ ​prepare firms for the next stage of development, regardless of whether this is via the public markets​ ​or not.

In addition to gaining a better understanding on different financing options, ELITE gives companies​ ​the opportunity to share their challenges and learn from peers, in all sorts of areas such as reaching​ ​new markets, managing talent, developing their strategy and equity story.

Leeds-based software testing company, Meet Ten10 (formerly The Test People), joined ELITE in 2014​ ​and has since developed its own academy for graduates and trainees. Constant dialogue with the​ ​ELITE community helped the company define its talent management strategy.

ELITE is also continuing to innovate by expanding on our suite of support services for ELITE​ ​companies. Our online private placement platform for ELITE companies and professional investors,​ ​ELITE Club Deal, went live earlier this year.

Through the platform, ELITE companies from Yorkshire​ ​and beyond can now connect with professional investors, such as big pension funds, venture capital​ ​firms and private equity houses, to secure financing in a secure and efficient environment.

In the three years ELITE has been operating in the UK, what is evident is that the country is home to​ ​so many innovative, diverse and growing businesses across numerous sectors.

These companies are​ ​the fast growing ambitious businesses that are scaling-up and making a significant contribution to​ ​economic and job growth across the country.

To find out more about ELITE and how it could help your business, visit www.elite-growth.com