Ex-bomb disposal expert to take lead at solicitors’ office

A former bomb disposal expert will now be defusing civil disputes in his role at a law firm, which is opening a new office in East Yorkshire.

michael menzies-baird: I am glad that I made the decision at that time.

Michael Menzies-Baird is heading up the new office being opened by Cole Solicitors in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Before training as a solicitor Mr Menzies-Baird was a bomb disposal technician and was involved in diffusing a World War II bomb discovered at Sheffield United’s ground, Bramall Lane.

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Mr Menzies-Baird, who left the Royal Engineers in 1993, told The Yorkshire Post: “There was a second phase of redundancies in the military and I applied at the time because my children were quite young and I didn’t really want to cart them around the world.”

After leaving the military, Mr Menzies-Baird initially pursued a career in social work.

He said: “I did all the psychometric testing, that they do in the military when they offer you a resettlement package, it pointed me in the direction of a social career. I initially went up that path, did some probation and volunteering etc.”

When doing probation work at the courts, Mr Menzies-Baird realised that he’d be good at legal work and from there he pursued a career as a solicitor.

He said: “That was a really good decision and I am glad that I made the decision at that time.”

Now heading up Cole Solicitors’ ninth office in Yorkshire, Mr Menzies-Baird faces a different kind of challenge to his bomb disposal days.

With it being a new office Mr Menzies-Baird expects it to take a couple of years for it to be established.

He added: “But the reality is I brought along my existing clients from my old firm which I closed down, in York on January 31. They’ve all come with me.”

The move will now see Mr Menzies-Baird’s daily commute cut down. “I get to walk into work in 20 minutes rather than a two-hour journey I was making to York everyday,” he said.

During his career in the Royal Engineers, Mr Menzies-Baird travelled the world serving in countries as far afield as the Falklands, Belize and Kenya.

He said: “I miss the travel so much it’s unbelievable. I miss the camaraderie, it’s one of those things that when you get in a team, any sort of team, particularly in the military.

“When you first join, life can be pretty tough, but the camaraderie and the travelling is something you will always miss.”

The new offices will open officially on March 18. Coles Solicitors has over 45 employees across its nine offices.