Fat Lad At The Back powers ahead

SOMETIMES the Fat Lad At The Back really can give his leaner rivals a run for their money.

MD Richard Bye

A Yorkshire business, which produces sports clothing for those who may be bigger than the archetypal Tour de France competitor, has secured a nationwide distribution agreement. Fat Lad At The Back is the toast of the cycling world after signing a deal with high street bike chain Evans Cycles.

“We’re one of Evans’ most successful product launches ever,’’ founder Richard Bye said. “They’ve now placed a very large order.”

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Ilkley-based Fat Lad At The Back was launched in October 2013 with a range of sports clothing designed for men who are a little bigger than your average professional cyclist. The range, developed by husband and wife team Lynn and Richard Bye, has proved so popular that the pair has branched out into women’s cyclewear with Fat Lass At The Back.

Mr Bye said: “The reason I created the clothing line in the first place was because I couldn’t find anything to fit me.”

Mr Bye said he wanted to create top quality cycling clothing that didn’t make the wearer look like a “badly packed sausage.”

He added: “There are other sports where this problem exists.”

While the full men’s range is emblazoned with the Fat Lad At The Back’ slogan, women have the option of purchasing a Fat Lass At The Back’ jersey or a 0% Fat’ shirt with no slogan.

This was as a result of an appearance on BBC One’s Dragons’ Den, when the panel was “horrified” by the idea of calling women “fat lasses”. The company is also planning to launch a triathlon and running range.