Former teacher from Leeds starts business to help preschool children learn maths

A former school teacher from Leeds has developed a preschool maths class to help younger children learn more about numbers.

Annette Peterson has created Number Train – an interactive class for children and their parents/guardians to develop their mathematics in a fun learning environment. The weekly themed classes, which are for children aged two to five, include activities, games actions songs, turn-taking, and arts and crafts.

The Leeds-based business is run by former teacher Annette and she is currently recruiting two new staff members to support further activity.

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Annette said her ambition is to encourage young children to be passionate about maths and said: “I have seen so many children dislike maths from an early age but with Number Train we want to get preschool aged children to really excited about maths and be inspired to keep learning. I also wanted to create something that will encourage parents/guardians to be a part of their child’s learning journey.”

Annette Peterson who has launched a learning business Number Blocks which aims to help pre-schoolers develop early maths skills.

Annette started developing the business in 2017 and decided to join NatWest’s Purpose-Led Accelerator as she looks to develop the business further. The Purpose-Led Accelerator aims to help businesses which are redefining the norm and supporting a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Over the last five years Annette has worked hard on planning, delivering and resourcing all 36 lessons so that the Number Train concept can be rolled out across the UK using a franchising business model.

Mum of two Annette said: “I have a joint honours degree in Maths and Management, and I did a business and economics qualification at A-Levels so the idea of running my own business has always been there. When I decided to start a business, it was important that I got the balance of work and home life right which I have been able to do. I’ve treated the business like a business studies project but joining the programme has helped me to reframe things and focus on business growth. My Acceleration Manager Jess has been great at helping me to break down barriers.”

Jess Grocutt, Acceleration Manager at NatWest, said: “It’s been fantastic to work alongside Annette and see her develop as an entrepreneur. We are very excited to see what the future is for Number Train.”