FREE TICKETS: Team building for business success - Tougher Minds talk at The Yorkshire Post

'The modern workplace needs a new mind set if it is going to be successful and flourish." says Dr Jon Finn of Yorkshire based Tougher Minds.

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The performance coach and sport psychologist is spearheading is staging an event this month to encourage helpful change in the workplace to make both companies and their staff better performers.

FREE EVENT: How to create powerful teams: the surprising truth - a Tougher Minds talk will take place at The Yorkshire Post building in Leeds city centre on Thursday, June 21, from 6.15pm to 7.30pm. Places are free but limited. Book to guarantee your seat - CLICK HERE.

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How to create powerful business teams - free Tougher Minds talk at The Yorkshire...

Dr Finn said: No-one would disagree that people are businesses biggest asset, but the reality is that what businesses are asking people to do has changed in a seismic way.

“We have moved from physical work to more mentally complex work.

“The most common level of mental complexity is what we call the socialized mind. It is all about fitting in. And the old manufacturing factory world fitted this very nicely.

“But now we are in this volatile, uncertain and complex world and it is not like that anymore.

Register now for free tickets to Tougher Minds talk at The Yorkshire Post Building on Thursday, June 21

“That means that people’s mind set needs to change.”

Many of the most successful businesses in the world are taking this approach. It is not just hypothesising, there is real data out there that shows that this is important.

Dr Finn said that the challenge is very much about confronting habits and helping people make the decisions they need to change.

“That is our business, we help companies make changes.

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“We are starting to work with big car manufacturers where electrical engines are coming in.

“In the insurance industry everything is becoming automated and digitalized. If people don’t get on board with that technology then someone will come in and eat their breakfast for them.

“The businesses we work with are going through change. Often they forget about the people when they are doing this.

“We are essentially teaching people how they can develop a more purposeful mind set. We give them a framework that allows them to deploy and deliver that.

Dr Jon Finn of Tougher Minds

“So much of what we do is a habit, an automated process. We have got to fight back.”

Tougher Minds started in sport psychology, moved into education and is now working in the world of business.

Its work has seen them establish footholds in the City of London, USA and Europe and is now up and running in Leeds.

At the event in Leeds on June 21 at The Yorkshire Post, Dr Finn will run through what his company has to offer businesses in the region.

“Our brains are continually changing. In sport the great players keep reinventing themselves.

“It is not easy to do these things but it is completely achievable.

“Often when we try to compel people to change we use verbal persuasion. Things like ‘come on, you need to get more sleep’.

“What behaviour change science is that this is the least effective way of changing behaviour. It is not just enough to give people skills. We need the organisation to put a habit programme in place. We need to keep reminding them.

“What might seem a very normal behaviour for people has a whole programme of work around it. We are coming into an age where designed environments for behaviour is going to be the next big thing.

“We have come from the age of big data and now we are starting to realise that if we want people to make a seismic change and become more developmental we need to design our environments much more purposely to help people to be less stressed and spend less time thinking about unhelpful things.”

The training takes in aspects of professional and personal behaviour to get the best out of staff, creating a happier and more productive workplace with an improved bottom line. Some specific examples of the work Tougher Minds does will appear in a separate piece next week.

The event takes place on Thursday, June 21 at 6.15pm in The Parkinson Suite, The Yorkshire Post Building, 26 Whitehall Road East, Leeds, LS12 1BE. Tickets are free but places are limited.

For more information and to register for the event visit

Attendees will have the chance to win £2,400 worth of Tougher Minds training.

The format will be a short TED-style talk followed by a Q&A with a panel of performance consultants. People involved in HR, leadership and staff development in West Yorkshire businesses are invited to attend.