Free WiFi rollout for Wetherby

IntechnologyWiFi is helping provide free web access for Wetherby.

Intechnology: Wetherby free wifi.

The Harrogate-based provider of robust next-generation digital infrastructure, is managing the free public WiFi on behalf of Wetherby Town Council and there is no cost to the taxpayer.

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Depending on device, an HD feature film could be downloaded in less than a minute using the network,‘_wetherbyfreewifi’.

The company is also providing its lifestyle app, Citi-Wise, featuring relevant local content about things to do and see in Wetherby.

A spokesperson said the roll-out will support local businesses such as market traders, retailers, food and beverage operators and self-employed entrepreneurs and will encourage visitors to spend more time in the town centre and its attractive open spaces. Leeds City Council supported the project by providing access to street furniture.