Global information technology firm Netcompany establishes ‘Capital of the North’ in Leeds

The global information technology firm, Netcompany, has chosen Leeds as its headquarters for the North of England.

Paul O'Looney, Business Development Manager at Netcompany

Netcompany has its global headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, and UK headquarters in Farringdon in London.

A spokesman said: “However, as work has expanded in the North of England, there has been a need to create a local office base, and Leeds has been chosen.”

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Paul O’Looney, Business Development Manager for the North of the UK for Netcompany, said: “We have seen such a large expansion of work in the North of England, that we have been able to open additional office space to cater for our teams. For the last 12 months we have had a short-term lease for office space at No 1 Aire Street, but we have outgrown this and in March we will be moving into much larger offices in Greek Street in Central Leeds”

“I’ve been with Netcompany about 18 months now, and when I joined I was one of the very few employees from Yorkshire. Since then we have been developing our business and seeing strong growth. We are now over 40 strong in Yorkshire.”

Mr O’Looney has a track record of developing innovative enterprises. In 2011 he founded Ilkley Cycling Club which became the fastest growing sports club in the UK and was at the heart of the growth of cycling in Yorkshire.

He said:   “I love the work that I do for Netcompany, and it’s great to be doing it in Yorkshire. We support our customers in the optimum use of technology to deliver their business outcomes. We do this through provision of expert resource and managed services, and delivering defined technology and infrastructure outcomes.

“Lots of our customers want to move their IT Services to the “Cloud” and we help them with those migrations. This means they can host their IT systems in a secure environment without large capital outlay on datacentres.

“Whilst our offices in Farringdon are the main focus for the UK operations, we found that we had so much work in the North that we needed a base up here as well.

“And it makes sense that it is Leeds. There is such a great buzz about the city that it feels like the natural ‘Capital of the North’ to us. I didn’t have to do much persuasion to have the investment made here, and now this is our strategic hub to service customers up here.

 “So we are moving in to much larger offices in Greek Street – quite a famous location of course, but we are taking the full top floor of one of the buildings – it has lots of room for our teams, meeting space, breakout space, and an innovation suite that we can welcome our customers into to help develop their thinking on the best use of technology.”